BlackBerry Storm 3 Picture Fake or Real, Specs and Release

At last we get to see the BlackBerry Storm 3 in all its glory, yes a stunning picture found online via a tipster who is not known.

Someone has picked up a camera and taken a shot of the new upcoming BlackBerry Storm 3 that has been tipped to release late 2010, the question we ask “Is the picture fake or real?” wonder if it is real or it has had the Photoshop love.

Apparently according to BerryReview the specifications will include a 3.7-inch display, which is bigger than the Storm 2’s 3.2-inch display, it will also boast (Apparently) 8GB of onboard storage, BlackBerry 6, 5-megapixel camera and hopefully releasing on Verizon.

Are you looking forward to the new BB Storm 3? Can this smartphone compete against the likes of the iPhone 4 or the top HTC Android smartphone? Please let us know what you think of the picture above and of course the handset itself.

Source — IntoMobile via Engadget


2 thoughts on “BlackBerry Storm 3 Picture Fake or Real, Specs and Release”

  1. If this is real looks amazing would trade my htc hero to get this phone price been the only thing that would stop me I’d it is real we need a price and specs but if its real blackberry then it will do wot you need it to do and more

  2. ANGELO says:

    I had the storm 1 after being extremely disappointed with it I got the storm 2, seeing that all I did was waste my money I bought the HTC Desire and I love it. I guarantee it will be out dated by the time it hits the shelves.

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