HTC Desire Z O2 and T-Mobile Release Date: Debate

The HTC Desire Z and HD Google Android smartphones is all the talk at the moment and now it seems a release date has been set for the for the Z model.

Apparently according to T3 O2 and T-Mobile will be releasing the Desire Z October 6, which is a little strange considering that Vodafone was set to be the exclusive carriers judging on what the source above mentions.

There is not much information on the release date and price but as usual we will keep you informed, in the meantime we would love to know if you would choose the Desire HD or the Desire Z.

The main features of the Desire Z include Android 2.2 operating system and a stunning 3.7-inch capacitive touchscreen. Please check out the official photo gallery here and of course the Desire Z and HD being handled; we also have an intro video here for you to view.

Please do let us know if the October 6th date set is correct or not, keep coming back because we will have plenty more info for you to digest.


2 thoughts on “HTC Desire Z O2 and T-Mobile Release Date: Debate”

  1. dcr says:

    htc need sort there fooking dates out for the new htc desire Z was post be the fook 11 oct now its fooking november assholes sort your fucking dates out,, fucking canada is getting it before the UK wtf that all bout????????????????????

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