Songwriter’s Pad App for iPhone Released: Video

Ever fancied writing songs on your iPhone? Well now apparently you can as Songwriter’s Pad 1.0.1 for the iPhone and iPod touch is now available for all you iPhone toting budding songwriters out there.

Songwriter’s Pad for the iPhone is pro lyric writing tool that can apparently help eliminate writer’s block and has been modelled after the iPad version and delivers many of the same features according to an article over on Appmodo.

So what can you do with Songwriter’s Pad for iPhone? Well apparently you can create custom sections for such things as rap, hooks and pre chorus and the like, create and edit songs, reorder song sections such as swap the positions of verse 1 and verse 2, and you can export audio files and lyrics by email.

However rather than me go on about the application, we have a video for your viewing pleasure courtesy of Dantevarnadomoore, so you can check out Songwriter’s Pad for the iPhone before deciding on if you want to purchase it from iTunes for its $1.99 price, so hit that play button and enjoy.

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