Greenpois0n Official Site: Have You Found Fake Download Websites?

We should all trust the Greenpois0n official site and not fake ones that are starting to appear online you have been warned.

There is a new fake website offering the new greenpois0n jailbreak download for iPhone iOS 4.1, they have some links for the Windows/Mac and will charge you $30 for the software. Now this charge is crazy because the jailbreak will be totally free when made live.

The greenpois0n jailbreak is not completed yet so how the hell can this fake website offer you it for the amount stated above, greenpois0n is being created by the Chronic Dev Team and the release date has not officially been released as of yet.

Oh you scammers and hackers do like to have your fun don’t you, you MUST remember that the OFFICIAL website is greenpois0n.com, all other sites are clearly a fake.

Please let us know if you have purchased greenpois0n, please let us know the name of the sites also so that we can let other readers know. For more information please do visit QuickPWN


4 thoughts on “Greenpois0n Official Site: Have You Found Fake Download Websites?”

  1. c0madn0 says:

    major fake is Chronic dev oficcial site. since pog2g has already anunced that greenpois0n won't work on 4.1. (so he left the team) however the rest ot the team are still requesting donations to develope this tool, but it will never be realased nor useful

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