Metro PCS Phones: Do You Prefer Samsung, BlackBerry or iPhone?

We mentioned today that Metro PCS has launched its first commercial 4G LTE network and a new smartphone called the Samsung Craft is the one being promoted for it.

Instead of going into detail about the new service that you can read all about here all we would like to know is what phone would you prefer to use on Metro PCS, would you choose the Samsung, BlackBerry or the iPhone?

The iPhone is not with Metro PCS as of yet so how about it readers, would you like it? Our poll below is basically asking you if you would prefer the iPhone, Samsung or BlackBerry with Metro PCS.

This is a poll of madness but hey why not, it is a simple question where you can vote your choice, please do use our comments section if you have anything more to chat about.

[poll id=”215″]

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