Nokia N8 Pre-release Handset Sells on eBay

Well now I bet most Nokia faithful didn’t realise that there was a chance of grabbing one of Nokia’s latest flagship devices before the official release of the Nokia N8, but apparently there was if you happened to check out eBay.

According to an article over on Slash Gear by Chris Davies, and by way of a tweet by MickyFin, there was a supposedly “brand new & unboxed” Nokia N8 on offer on eBay which has now been snapped up at a bargain price of £310 that is 119 quid lower than getting the unlocked and SIM free device direct from Nokia.

Of course the lucky bugger who won the auction will also have the Nokia N8 in his hands weeks before anyone else can hold a Nokia N8.

Just why the cost was that low we can only guess that not many people found the auction, and apparently there’s no detail on just where this Nokia N8 originates as apparently it is not one of the many Nokia pushed out to developers as the auction actually began before that happened.


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  1. Jason says:

    There were a couple on Ebay, but they were given to the sellers at a Nokia Conference/Event which is why some people have them early – and the auction that finished at £310 did not sell for £310, the listing was closed before it ended which means the seller probably received a reasonable offer (probably £400-500) and closed the auction early (& probably cancelled all bids) – otherwise the listing would say "Item sold for £310" which it didn`t, it actually said "Listing has ended" Those that were watching this item on their ebay list will already know this though as the listing was originally set to finish in 5 days time. Tescos is actually selling the handset at £329 so its probably best not to rush into spending over £400 on ebay when you can just wait a few days and get it for cheaper.

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