Verizon Droid X Android 2.2: How Bad Do You Want Update?

Those of you that possess the Verizon Motorola Droid X have been sitting there waiting for the new Android 2.2 update, which to be frank is probably annoying you so much.

The wait has been very long indeed and so much so we have been reporting news on this subject for a while, we have mentioned before that the new Android 2.2 Froyo update has been released for the Droid X but customers have not yet received the update. (Read Full Story Here)

One of our readers posted a comment that says, “I received an email from VZW stating the following, and I quote “Your DROID by Motorola smartphone is even better with Android 2.2. Recently released by Verizon Wireless, the new Android 2.2 software update — also known as “Froyo” — includes loads of new features and tons of shortcuts. Your phone has automatically received this update — no additional steps are required!”

That was Tuesday, Sept 14th and it’s now Thursday the 16th and I still haven’t received anything! I’ve even manually run the system update from “Settings” to no avail. It says my software is up to date. What the heck gives VZW?? Are we getting it or aren’t we? Will you let us know one way or the other?

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