Orange HTC Desire Android 2.2 Froyo Update: Got It Yet?

Orange has just confirmed that the HTC Desire Android 2.2 Froyo update is now ready for you to download.

We would love to know if you see it yet? Just go to Settings > About Phone > System Software Updates > and see if it is there, if it is please do tell us what you think of the new update and what features it offers you.

This update, was revealed by Conor Maples from Orange revealed today on Twitter, there are many Android handsets on the market that has been waiting for the Froyo update so to here that the HTC Desire with Orange has got it is great news for its customers.

Android 2.2 is the latest OS from Google that offers so much like the cool feature of turning your handset into a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, it also offers HTML 5 support.

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145 thoughts on “Orange HTC Desire Android 2.2 Froyo Update: Got It Yet?”

  1. Sabuda says:

    I've checked on my HTC Desire whether Android 2.2 is available but I have had no luck. I have even tried ringing Orange customer support and they woman I spoke to informed me that the technical support told her that the release hasn't happened yet and that I need to contact HTC directly!

    Is the news of the the release of Android 2.2 true or doe Orange not have a clue what is going on? I think it's the latter!

  2. sm says:

    I just checked via Settings > About Phone > System Software Updates > and it told me that my system was already up to date, no updates to install. I checked the kernel and it’s still on version 2.1 update 1.

    Anyone else getting the same thing?


    HTC Desire on Orange

  3. NP1 says:

    Same for me. Tried checking settings a few times but told no updates available. Given Orange's past record, I would be very surprised if we get it before the weekend..

  4. Rob Brown says:

    Not got it yet !!!!!!!! I Contacted Orange 3 days ago about the 2.2 update but there staff dident know what the hell i was talking about.Tthey said i have to download any new software from HTC not from them !!!!!!!__I get more and more coffused with orange as days go bye !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Moxie says:

    Sabuda I'm pretty sure the release is for real, the announcement was made on Tuesday night and plenty of people around the forums and on twitter have had their updates. They've said it's a gradual roll out, I just wish I knew how they decide who gets it when and how long the roll out takes – will it be today, tomorrow or next week?

    I'm still waiting too but checking every hour in hope!

  6. Pavan says:

    No luck yet for me either :-(. Checking the updates every 5 minutes is most frustating thing!!! I think Orange should give release some more information on the strategy of this release.

  7. Mike T says:

    my advice is to let other mugs download it first if it ever appears then wait a week Google it and see how many users are complaining how it wrecked their phones. Then wait for the patches and then after a month update your phone.

  8. Padster says:

    I got 2.2 update on a locked orange HTC Desire 2days ago! Not sure why people aren't getting it…although problem is when im on mobile internet I cant receive voice calls?

  9. tarquinious says:

    Still no update for HTC Desire on Orange. If they have filled it with Orange rubbish and dummed it down at all, I'll be flashing to a generic ROM. I'm sick and tired of their pathetic lies. Can't wait for this contact to be over.

  10. Joe says:

    This is annoying. I've been checking my HTC Desire phone (Orange) and I keep getting the message 'Your phone is up to date'. It is still running 2.1 !!!!! What is going on????

  11. Sufiyan says:

    I contacted HTC yesterday about froyo update on Desire and got this reply…. not sure whom to believe???

    "Thank you for contacting HTC. Unfortunately at the present time, orange have not released the update to their customers. I do not have any information as to when the update will be released to you I'm afraid, but I would personally advise speaking to Orange, as they should have the expected/exact date as to when the update will be released to you. Sorry I can't be of much more assistance. I trust this resolves your enquiry. Please do not hesitate to contact us again, if required."

  12. ollyjim says:

    Orange customer since 16/08/10 with a locked handset and got the update Monday evening after seeing conor from orange tweet that it was starting to rollout. To answer a couple of the posts, i dont believe it has to be wifi only, in fact when i found the update it asked me whether i wanted to stipulate wifi only or to use mobile data.

    Everything works a little bit quicker now, have been able to move to SD etc, all working fine.

    Two issues i have found so far though

    1 – when i type a text the predictive text can no longer keep up with my typing speed, i type quick but it has never been an issue before.
    2 – The internet browser force closes on certain sites, i can no longer view the bbc football home page for example and there seems to be no logic to it, it works perfectly if i drop on to another brower (opera or dolphin hd)

    1. Mits says:

      do you have a black HT Desire? and when u say locked, it is branded right? so you have all the orange like maps and stuff? also do you know if you had 2.1 update 1 before?

      please tweet me @90mits


    2. Padster says:

      I had the same problem with internet browser on force closes especially bbc football homepage! Another issue I've encountered is that I can not receive any voice calls when mobile internet is connected

  13. Hugh Effo says:

    has anybody with a black, orange branded Desire running 2.1 update 1, been able to install froyo yet?
    HTC customer support told me there is a problem with this combination, and the update wont show up !!!

    1. Mark says:

      I have got a black Orange branded Desire and i got the update on Tuesday at 15.00 hours……..all downloaded and installed with no issues.

      But still full of the bloatware as before……..Traffic TV, Orange Maps and the demo games etc etc.

  14. olly says:

    Direct from HTC ireland

    "Any update, whether Orange branded or non Orange, are sent out in batches. Updates become available for users at different times. We have no confirmed date that you will receive the update"

  15. Orangeshit says:

    Well i recently moved from O2 to Orange and believe me I will be moving back to O2 when my contract ends, all I can see from Orange is a load of lies and no help to their customers.

  16. Eddy says:

    i've got a black HTC and it just says there are no update, I called orange and they said there were no update releases yet and she asked me who you got the information off, I said connor maples and she said ohh! WTF orange sort it OUT, if i dont get the update in 7 days, FLASHING MY ROM!!

    BTW people that recieved the update what location are you in ?

  17. Eddy says:

    i've got a black HTC and it just says there are no update, I called orange and they said there were no update releases yet and she asked me who you got the information off, I said connor maples and she said ohh! WTF orange sort it OUT, if i dont get the update in 7 days, FLASHING MY ROM!!

  18. Well it seems everyone has been told something different! The delay wouldn't be so bad if we had one concrete explanation as to why we're all sitting here froyo-less!

    I just got off the phone to Orange customer services where I was told there should be no reason as to why I couldn't download it right away. I made them stay on the line while I checked – no joy.The explanation I was given? Here it is:

    As the servers are being hit so hard with multiple people downloading the update simultaneously, it may be some time before a successful connection to the server is made. Keep trying, and eventually the download will show as available.

    They then made the point of mentioning that they update is coming to us courtesy of the HTC servers. Not Orange.

  19. lspec says:

    The easiest way to force an update is to take the Orange branding off, look on Android forums or xda-developers site

    I have a black Orange desire that I debranded and now get all my updates direct from HTC, no bloatware or other or crap.

    If you take this route take your sim card out while you go through out

  20. superT says:

    Wow this update lark is taking forever to sort out. Getting sick and tired of Orange. Will have to change networks or get unbounded phone next time. Very poor communication by orange.

  21. superT says:

    Getting annoyed with orange…other networks have already released 2.2 still not sure if orange talk to each other .. connor says it is out … customer service have no idea…what is goin on…next time i will definitely get an unbranded phone…whether from orange … i'm not sure!

  22. Orange Worker says:

    Look rite, HTC work with the networks, and they release the update not orange, you asking people that answer your calls to try and help you about something that has nothingto do with them ? We can't answer the question, coz no one tells us, I'm a desire owner and to am waiting for the update, it will be a staged release, first you'll get a txt advising that it's available, then you'll get another txt advising to download it. it's hardly life changing the update anyway, get a grip !

    1. anon says:

      oh you're a turd aren't you? would love to get you on the end of the phone, wuoldnt know what hit ya.

      the update improves the phone ALOT, clearly you haven't a clue either so take your attitude and do one yeah?

  23. more to the point… the release will be batched to allow for bug reports to come in and be fixed before everyone else gets the release. I would rather stable than buggy – how many of you will whinge even worse if a bug stops you browsing the BBC football site, etc.

  24. Beefy says:

    Still no text yet on that update. Just have to keep on checking. After everyone has it & being first is history, life will go on as usual but with a great phone (Desire) & brilliant software. Someone who has it says that Orange have not put on extra bloatware. They appear to have not removed any either. Can anyone confirm this?

  25. David says:

    Spoekn to Orange and HTC today, both singing from the same hymn sheet at last!
    There is an update rolling out, both said it is coming from HTC.
    Both said the colour of the Desire makes no difference – AMOLED or LCD screen has different drivers but that wont cuase any delays (both being sent out)
    HTC said should all be completed within 1 week for Desire owners on Orange
    Traffic on HTC servers is high – so been told to keep trying manually or just wait. There is no quieter time to try and download unfortunately!

  26. TheMole says:

    Orange-branded black Desire here, no update showing. Just got off the phone from customer services who said a) it wasn't available until 4th October (I pointed out the Conor tweet, got put on hold) then b) they'd pulled the upgrade because of a HTC problem (pointed out the article on CoolSmartPhone that said the disagreement had been sorted on the 21st, got put on hold again) then c) the update had been released this morning (24th?!) and was in a "big data loop" (yes, really) and I should get it if I did a manual check for updates.

    Pointed out the reason I'd called was because I'f been trying the manual check for the last 3 days without any luck and got the standard orange brush off – try again, call if it isnt working tomorrow.

    Does anyone working for Orange have any idea if a) the update has been released to anyone b) it has been released for Orange customers who bought their phone from Orange (as opposed to CPW) and c) if there is a problem with any specific models / firmware versions / configurations that is preventing the update from applying?

    Is there anyone reading this thread with a black Orange-bought Orange-branded Desire who've got the 2.2 update yet?

  27. disappointed says:

    Do you really think that the servers are being hit 'so hard'?

    It's not like the other mobile providers were not able to provide the update. And how come the servers are busy at 1 am, 2 am and 4 am as well? Surely there should be a better explanation available?

    I am very disappointed with orange technical support and orange customer care. A single tweet conveniently made on the day t-mobile released it's update to stop people from saying that orange did not provide a timely service for it's customers, but in reality delivering even more frustration.

    I wish I could have their job – because in my work, such service provision would lead to my being kicked out due to negligence on my part…

  28. jerome says:

    Dear Orange worker been an Orange customer for a very long time now and have until recently been one of there biggest fans ,but over the last 18 months everything has turned to crap.

    Phone updates taking ages ,loads of crap on the phones no matter how many customers ask them not to put it on they still do it.

    I agree its hardly life changing so why not give us the HTC original 2.2 froyo Rom with sense u know the one all the unbranded desire phones received over six weeks ago .it works on all networks with no probs till the operators put all there crap on

  29. E-BOY says:

    hey there Mr Orange Worker!!! it is a life changing update 😉 and maybe the workers should know something!!!

    we all call you guys because your in the company itself and if you don't know what is happening in the company then we have a right to be pissed!! we pay your bills!! hopefully you get the update last!!

  30. Mike T says:

    From the orange website http://help.orange.co.uk/orangeuk/support/personal/519269

    If you are running software version number then HTC has recently advised us you will first need to update your devices to

    HTC will be making the update available early next week. Once you have updated to, you can then update to via the method described above.To check to see which software version your device is running. From homescreen – Menu Key > Settings > Software information. The number you require is listed as the fifth entry and is labelled “Software number”.

    There you have it NOT everyone can update their desire until NEXT WEEK sometine

  31. Adris says:

    Been in touch with HTC and Orange god knows how many times, still no update. Been checking my phone for updates knowing Orange and HTC they are as bad as each other.

  32. E-BOY says:

    upset as to how other desires can have to newer software version and compatible with an update and other desires have to wait for an update……. surely the software should be available right now ??

  33. paul bevan says:

    yes, no luck, for me.i did phone orange, was told to keep trying,its a joke realy, feel like getting a iphone 4 now,

    i even tryd to download at 3 in the morning, with no luck

  34. scunny says:

    More new sofware early next week ,please give a date. Or is this another 4 week wait . Before we can get the software so we can get software to get the software . orange released 2.2 not

  35. TheMole says:

    So the reason I can't get an update to 2.2 is because I've not got an update to 1.22 which is meant to be released weeks after the update to 2.2, and Orange staff manning the phones haven't been told about this, they're telling people to just keep trying.

    Pissup in a brewery anyone? Orange are organising it for a date in mid-September…

  36. Robb says:

    I've just spoken to the Premier Customer Service, and they estimated a time of a few weeks for everyone to get the update. You will receive a text informing you when it is ready to download.

  37. Alan says:

    My update appeared, I began downloading, it failed at 50%, I went to download it again then it disappeared. Now they are just playing with us. I feel like Desmond in LOST pusing that damn button.

  38. scunny says:

    Just had a conversation with Orange .they sent me a link surprise,surprise no update. Orange phoned me back, yes phoned me!!! ” It has been withdrawn,errors with software and will be available within 2 to 3 days ” . If there were errors. why has no one reported any .or is this more b******t from orange

  39. cjs says:

    I spoke with an Orange tech yesterday and he was unable to clarify anything but he promised to phone me today with more info. True to his word he called at about 2pm with the news that due to several phones crashing after the installation Orange had decided to pull the update for further testing. I let him finish then told him that I had received the update one hour earlier and it had installed with no problems. I think that Orange are feeding their own staff utter bull just so they have something to say to irate customers. Hope you all receive froyo soon. By the way, if it helps I have the black version and live in Kent. Bought the phone on Sept 10.

  40. Bboy says:

    Got mine a few hours ago. I originally found the update last week, tried to download it several times and each time the download was unsuccessful. Then the update disappeared, I had a week of not being able to even find the download – it kept saying I was up-to-date…

    Popped up a few hours ago though and now I've got it running, seems very nice.

    Branded Orange Desire in Black – Midlands area.

  41. sss says:

    Came from work today at 6 . I have been tryin for over a week and to my surprise the checking now turned into a update found. It stated choices for download ie WiFi or network. Update was 88.5mb took ten mins to download and ten for update to install. Not sure of full features but flash works on bbc I player perfectly. You can speak to input text. You get a flash light app. App sharing. And what’s most noticeable is the phone is quicker by a lot. Not sure. What else as not tried fully.

    I have an orange desire that’s black .

  42. Rich says:

    Still no update to 2.2, or software 1.22 or whatever other BS Orange are trying to shovel. I just picture a load of us constantly pressing "check now" when really no update is being pushed out…

    Monkeys…pointing at the moon…

    Orange, you are a complete disgrace.

  43. Mike says:

    Really beyond a joke now! After all this time waiting, I now need an update to enable me to get an update! The fault of Orange?? or the fault of HTC?? To me now BOTH as bad as each other.

  44. san says:

    Came from work today at 6 . I have been tryin for over a week and to my surprise the checking now turned into a update found. It stated choices for download ie WiFi or network. Update was 88.5mb took ten mins to download and ten for update to install. Not sure of full features but flash works on bbc I player perfectly. You can speak to input text. You get a flash light app. App sharing. And what's most noticeable is the phone is quicker by a lot. Not sure. What else as not tried fully.

    I have an orange desire that's black .

  45. Mark says:

    Hi everyone, downloaded froyo tonight. It is ace! Just to let you know, I have the black branded desire. Thought it was never going to come! My advice is just keep trying.

  46. Gary says:

    Orange have told me that the update is only avalible for the Desires with the new screen??? what the hell does that mean??? my phone is 3 months old shouldn't i have the new screen???

    1. E-BOY says:

      just got off the phone to HTC and he told me the updated version of 2.1 needed to upgrade might take up to a month to reach some customers due to is batch release methods 🙁

  47. Ali says:

    Currently downloading 2.2 – taking a while, so who knows if it’ll work!

    Shame it sounds like I’ll still have all the demo games etc.

    Anyone know if rooting phone invalidates warranty?

    Black Desire, Orange branded, Glasgow area

  48. mingwingming says:

    Brown Desire – Owned it from Day 1 of release still no update, I am still on the which requires a pre-update before Froyo… I am trying not to be impatient but heck i just can't help it.

    I can for the life of me not work out why as a Day 1 owner of the Desire in the UK I am behind on the Software version ?? Why not release that to everyone first before Froyo weird…..

  49. JamBon says:

    only problem is ive just come off phone to Orange, the lad phoned HTC and thyve told Orange they have no idea where Orange got that info about a preupdate to Froyo. Any version of software should be able to update straight away. And they said that this preupdate wouldnt be made available for another two weeks!

  50. Kieran says:

    i spoke to someone from HTC today and i thought they were responsible for the update to 1.22 before froyo but no they're just giving it to orange to give to us so i don't know how long it could take. i don't understand it must be perfected if alot of handsets already have/had 1.22. I want a date so i know when I'm getting it and for Orange to stick to it.

  51. Mike T says:

    The fact that I need an update to get an update so that it will update is fine, but it was stated by orange last week that I would have to wait till early this week for my update, but did they mean next week which is now this week, the following week or just a vague week. However, now that it is mid-week having already past early next week, does this mean it has been delayed to the end of the week or is it in fact next week they meant when they said early next week? Confused just want for the next episode. PS Newsflash Connor from Orange has applied to the council for a job on the bins.

  52. Paul says:

    I'd love to know what the 2 variations of 2.1 are to know why I'm not getting the update. Been trying 2-3 times a day, everyday since it was announced. Orange CS is next to useless

  53. Mark says:

    ” Tis am unweeded garden that grows to seed. Things rank and gross in nature possess it merely.”

    Who would have thought that Shakespeare could have anticipated this sorry affair so long ago.

    Well ahead of his time. Unlike Orange.

  54. William says:

    Still no update. Running version 1.15 android 2.1!! This is very old software. Fact is Orange had version 1.22 because new htc desire's had them. They didn't release it to those on 1.15!!! why????? I am waiting and it is just ridiculous now. Those on version 1.15 have waited the longest for an update and now are last to get froyo 2.2! Orange have lost my business over this. They totally forgot about us on version 1.15, unacceptable.

  55. cs65dos says:

    "They totally forgot about us on version 1.15"… Or they just don't care??

    I'm on 2.1 Update 1 – I'm still waiting, won't find anything but sounds as though it's just pot luck as to whether you get through or not.

    1. notimpressed says:

      I only just got my phone a month ago and it has the old software 1.15! It's a black desire on Orange.

      Ridiculous! I moved from O2 to Orange because the O2 signal was beginning to suck but I wish I hadn't and also wish I had an unbranded desire!
      Unbranding my phone now regardless of invalidating my warranty because this is a complete comedy. People should be fired at Orange over this!

  56. JustPlainAnnoyed says:

    Just got off the phone with orange support guys. According to them it's not released yet and will only be ready first quarter of next year. (WTF?) So lets get this straight…. some people seem to have it, I clearly don't, Orange said it was released, but now they say it's "still in testing" and wont be out till NEXT YEAR?

    Either they themselves have no !£"$% clue about customer service, or they are so full of BS that they cant figure out what the truth is either.

    Hey Orange, simple tip. Lie to you customers and you loose them. I will NOT be extending my contract.

  57. Mike says:

    Still no update!. Orange say next week, then the week after, then the week after, then next month, then the month after. Nearly every comment on here refers to how sick and tired people are with Orange. If the update isn't ready to be released then why tell people it is, only to then keep everyone waiting, and waiting. Had enough, debranding my phone, and will never touch another Orange branded phone in my life.

  58. Dave says:

    Why on earth would anyone now want to be with ORANGE? Weeks and weeks ive been waiting, and the worst thing is they have the cheek to lie to people by giving release dates they know to be untrue! ! ! The last info they gave on their website was an update is needed for some phones to get the froyo update!!! This would be available at the start of next week. Well its now nearly the end of the week, So once again ive been lied to by ORANGE! Maybe they meant the start of next week begining next week! Or the week after! Or next month! Who the hell knows anymore! Once my contract is up, goodbye ORANGE forever.

  59. Ash says:

    Stop getting your knickers in a twist everyone. I'm keen to get this update as much as anyone but my life doesn't depend upon it. Sounds like HTC were the ones who had trouble getting it to upgrade seamlessly (don't quote me on that) – if they didn't you'd all be ranting on here how they screwed up your phones. For those still confused about why the update isn't appearing for all of us yet, check this out – i found it by doing a Google search a few minutes ago. http://help.orange.co.uk/orangeuk/support/persona

    1. desire says:

      You idiot thats the link Dave, commentor above you, is refering to. They lied time and time again. I too am off soon and will never come back to Orange again. The 1.22 update was released afew months back and only Orange ignored it, so how can they blame it on htc, also the unlocked version got 2.2 almost 2 months ago. Vodafone managed to release froyo also, why is orange having problems? perhaps with less shite (which no one uses) they maybe able to release it quicker. Orange knows they screwed up, I dont think they gonna sort this out I've lost all hope in them. They just gonna focus on shifting the Desire HD, they're done with this desire.

  60. E-BOY says:

    just got off the phone to orange and the pre-update for android 2.1 has officially been released and apparently huge demands on servers are making it difficuly for everyone to get the first update!!! where have we herd this before hey? i'll give them the benifit of the doubt and wait till end of sunday, if there is no update… DEBRANDING WILL COMMENCE!

  61. Peco says:

    Ash that "google search" you did links us to a statement made by Orange well over a week ago. The part of the statement which refers to early next week actually refers to this week, i.e. Monday or Tuesday.

    Most other Network providers already have the Froyo update which has been out for over a month now.

    The fact of the matter is Orange failed to update their customers running the original 1.15 software when an update from HTC was available absolutely ages ago, these are the customers that are suffering.

    Customers wanting to maximise the capabilities of their device are more than entitled to get their "knickers in a twist" over this delay after delay and excuse after excuse from Orange.

  62. NotHappy! says:

    We have every right to get our Knickers in a twist! Orange have f****k ed up big time with this update! Your link is old news, they put his up last week on the Orange website and they said the new software update will be released 'eary this week', but suprise surprise NOTHING!!! If your paying for a Contract you expect the phone to have the latest software on it, which for the past 2 months this hasn't !!

  63. scunny says:

    Idea : start asking orange for a new handset which can be updated to 2.2 . As we must all have fault on our phones because we can not update to 2.2 .because orange still have no clue what’s going on.

  64. Mikee says:


    Would you please clarify a few minor points.

    When will the 1.22 update be available for Desire Owners with the 1.15 build.
    When will the update to 2.2 Froyo be available to the owners of Desire handsets who run 1.15 and 1.22 builds
    Please state a date as to when these updates will be released and a date when we can expect to get them.
    State who is responsible for the roll out Orange or HTC and who is at fault for the delay.

    Information is the key, keep us informed and you will not have such negative publicity.

    We may not have paid up front for our phones but we subsidise the cost through our contracts so we still actually pay for them.

    A bit of clarification would go a long way to restoring credibility and reputation.

  65. Mike T says:

    Have contacted Orange and said:

    Is there a fault on my handset that prevents it from receiving updates, for two weeks I have been waiting, it appears not to be working. Do I need to return the phone for a repair?

    I am waiting for a reply, however I suggest everyone without an update should send an e-mail asking if their phone is faulty and if they should return it. Tell everyone yoou know, it may drive them mad enough to to sort this out.

    Do not make promises you cannot keep!

  66. John xvt says:

    Bad news, now appears build 1.15 is not compatible with an upgrade to 1.22 on anything other than an unbranded desire. It requires major rework to apply to orange phones. If released orange would have to de brand all 1.15 desires. 2011 spring looks like the earliest date. This is insider knowledge from orange tech. That is why they are giving everyone the run around with differing answers. The voice from inside orange confirms this as I have seen the email. They are in a panic on how to tell their customers.

  67. David says:

    Orange just released a statement on twitter through @Orangehelpers, something along these lines:
    The pre-update for older fimware should be going live from midnight 1st/2nd October – AS LONG AS HTC's tests go OK and are completed today!

    So fingers crossed then!

  68. Minigun says:


    I had a phone with the 1.15… software on it and, this afternoon, I have had two updates from Orange – the first was the pre-requisite update to 1.21…, followed by Froyo. All up, it took around 25 minutes to get from the 'early release' of 2.1 to 2.2.

    Hope this information is of use.

  69. Mike T says:

    1.22 arrived this afternoon,downloaded installed over WiFi in 6 minutes immediately checked for 2.2 downloaded it 4 mins installed it in 8mins. For the life of me I cannot see a difference except a few missing widgets and a few new widgets. Word of warning, it does not bring any calendar appointments from the back up. It clears the appointments calendar.

  70. Cuthbert says:

    I have 1.15 and the update and the update seems now to be available. Fingers crossed and off we go (unable to backup but it seems to just proceed anyway!).. Fingers and toes crossed.

  71. maharg says:

    Been watching forums and checking daily for updates. Just had upgarde to newer 2:1 then checked immediatley and was able to download 2:2. You need 85mb of space for froyo so had to delete a load of Apps,it takes about 15mins lo download and install, back up all worked fine. Will post to report on improvements

  72. Ken says:

    Just downloaded mine. Had to update to another version of 2.1 first then update to 2.2. Not much seems to have changed, a few visual bits on widgets. Seems quicker though!

  73. E-BOY says:

    got the froyo update 2 mins ago!!! both pre-update and froyo came at the same time.

    livin' in south wales and irs deffo faster and a lot better 😀

  74. Mike says:

    Scunny, funny you should say that.. . . . Rang Orange customer services today. Ended up being put through to a manager, as if they are any more use!. Told him I had the old software that needed to be updated to enable me to get the Froyo update. His words to me were this. Orange are NOT going to be releasing that update. Only Froyo for handsets with the more up to date software! ! ! He then said to me he would arrange for a doorstep exchange, for a new handset with the more up to date sortware on it, so that it could then receive the Froyo update. So in his words, all those waiting for this update, to get an update, it will NEVER, yes NEVER come. Now this may just be more bull from Orange, who knows, they change their story every day now it seems. But this is what i was told today, they have given up on it and would rather exchange handsets now. So this afternoon I went onto a debranding site, not having a clue what to do, and have just finished debranding, have every update HTC have released and now have Froyo !

  75. thank #$%* for that says:

    Hello people

    I spoke with someone at Orange that seemed to actually know how to get froyo yesterday. If you change the date on your clock to a year ahead and wait about an hour then manually check for updates you will get the pre update and then you can receive froyo! Sounds stupid I know but it worked for me. If anyone tries this please post a message to say of it worked (I may have just got lucky!)

  76. Ouch says:

    Well, got it this morning (Sunday 3rd) on my brown desire. The 2.1 update followed immediately by the 2.2. All went without a hitch and I'm feeling happier.

    If you are still waiting try the update now 🙂

  77. scunny says:

    I now have 2.2 can not use sat nav and media player at same time. ie have music playing via bluetooth with directions pausing playback ,it just stops music play altogether . Also had playlists from tube mate gone back to video format.

    Is this orange or htc any ideas

  78. Simon Baynes says:

    My update went well and I have no complaints but it appears that the link to the Android Marketplace has gone so I canoont get any new apps now. I rang Orange and I knew more than the uy on the phone. He told me that the update does a factory reset and that I needed to download my apps again. I was trying to explain that the Marketplace is part of the core Os but he just got confused so I said goodbye!

    no one else seems to be reporting this problem so I am feeling like I have missed something!

  79. JMS says:

    I'm still having no luck with this Froyo update from Orange. I've tried updating dozens of times but I just get "Your phone is up to date. There are no updates available for your phone."

    Firmware version 2.1 -update1
    Software number


  80. Desire Phone User says:

    I received the update and now when I access web via wifi or mobile internet the webpage half loads then stops and turns the phone off. It automatically comes back on but doens't solve the problem. I am concerned.

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