Windows Phone 7 Mobile: HTC Launch Date October

Over the past couple of months we have been treated to numerous sightings of Windows Phone 7 devices, the latest being one from HTC called the HTC Trophy 7, but as yet we haven’t officially heard when a Windows Phone 7 device will actually launch.

However, according to an article over on Engadget by Chris Ziegler, Gulfnews has reported that a regional director of HTC for North Africa and the Middle East has told them straight out that HTC “will be launching Windows Phone 7 handsets next month.”

Rumours have been in abundance that Windows Phone 7 devices would start hitting the mobile arena sometime in October, and it now appears that at least HTC has confirmed we will be seeing their WP7 offerings in said month.

Having said that, the regional manager didn’t mention just which HTC Windows Phone 7 handsets would be launching next month, nor did he give an exact release date, but October will do just find for now; more as an when we hear.

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