Apple iPhone Games: Capcom Weekend Price Reductions

For all you iPhone toting gamers out there this weekend may be a good time to snap up that Capcom iPhone game you’ve been thinking about downloading to your handset, because some of Capcom’s games are getting a price reduction this weekend.

According to an article over on Intomobile by James Falconer and by way of TUAW, select Capcom games for the iPhone will be available from the iTunes App Store this weekend for just 99 cents.

Obviously not every Capcom iPhone game will see the price reduction so perhaps if you have a particular one in mind such as Resident Evil 4, Mega Man II, Street Fighter then now’s the time to grab it, or if you are looking for something else then maybe a little time spent browsing will get you that low priced game.

The article doesn’t say if the price reductions will continue past this weekend though so it may be prudent to hit up the App Store as soon as possible, but don’t go expecting to pick up the like of Phoenix Wright or Street Fighter IV so cheaply, many more to choose from though.

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