Orange UK San Francisco Phone PAYG Price: Will You Buy?

Orange UK has updated its website, which is now showing the new San Francisco phone on PAYG for only £99, the new Android phone on the online store is what we call a budget smartphone.

This is an Orange UK exclusive mobile phone that features a 3-megapixel camera, 3G+, Android v2.1, WiFi, MP3 player, touch screen and much more.

Even though the Orange UK website shows the £99 you must be aware that this is NOT the final price, you will need to pay at least £10 for the Orange SIM card, which means you will have to pay a total of £109 but that is still great value for a smartphone.

Please do let us know if you will be buying the Orange UK San Francisco smartphone, do you think this handset is great value for price? Please check out a video here we posted a few days back.

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62 thoughts on “Orange UK San Francisco Phone PAYG Price: Will You Buy?”

  1. jon says:

    I bought one yesterday and I think it is brilliant. It is a responsive phone with excellent display and good speaker. Brilliant value for money. The only down side is that there are not any cases available for it yet.

    1. moose says:

      hi jon or anyone would you plz download angry birds seasons and tell me how it runs? becasue my mates say it runs horrible 🙁 although good phone great price ANDROID 🙂

  2. I bought mine 24/09/2010 at Orange store Welwyn Garden City UK. Very good phone and has all i need, very easy to use, quick and even my Iphone friends are impressed. £99 plus i bought the £20 top up for more texts and includes free internet. As jon says above, a case is being a bit of a task to find but great phone for the money. Highly recommended.

  3. t khurshid says:

    i bought mine on 26/9/2010 at orange store bullring, birmingham. the phone is amazing. price is very good. this phone is faster than my apple iphone 3g. highly recommended.

  4. elle says:

    bought one of these 24/09/2010 really love this phone, cheaper than the wildfire i was considering, and does all the same stuff, and has a much better screen! agree about the case issue, only wanted a simple slip case with no pull strip thing, ended up getting a generic one from vodafone for £6 which does the job. cant fault the phone so far at all (other than the screen protector already coming off) i don't think there's anything better for the price:D

    1. XxShaymaxX says:

      u dont get screen protectors with that.. thats the originally cover that comes with every phone u can buy screen protectors from craephone warehouse 3 for £8 good price i'd say to be honest =)

    2. COOL AS ICE says:

      ive just got one today too orange shop inside HMV leeds: ive not put in the sim yet or activate. im reading all the ppls reviews and replys . seems the main issue is orange swamps the google android operating system with orange apps.and also going on the web wont be cheap cos we only get 100MB of usage which amounts to very little considerin that is the main reason that i got the San Fran. after readin alot of info online forums seems its a very good quality entry level android keep it root it to clear orange crud and apps it can be unlocked to any network, be free then to put a payg sim from Tmobile or 3G maKING SURE OF COVERAGE .THEY GIVE THE BEST DEAL FOR SURFIN AND TXT AND CALLS

  5. ancient says:

    bought one today, I think orange has found a great price point here ? I think lots of people should go for this, something to really drive the android platform forward, they need to get the word out but this is a great phone specs wise for the moeny, if they can make it for £99.00 theyve done a great job, makes the iphone4g look way too expensive.

  6. Steve says:

    @dan – yes it does have an accelerometer.
    @elle – that wasn't a screen protector that came off – it was packaging film.
    Great phone – easy and cheap to unlock – now using mine on t-mobile contract.

  7. Marc Troy says:

    superb phone! everything you could possibly want for a VERY affordable price
    if you are NHS worker, or student, or an existing Orange customer I think you get a £20 discount on these bring down to an unbelievable price of £80!!!!

  8. Douglas says:

    I have read elsewhere that the battery lasts 4 hours, also that the free internet is capped at 100Mb per month (extendable by 25Mb for £2). Neither sound that wonderful to me – no wonder it only costs £99.

  9. james says:

    bought mine last saturday in norwich, i read few reviews and watched a couple of vids on line before going in to look at it in the flesh, the orange staff was happy for me to have a play with the san francisco in the store so i could get a feel of how this phone operated. i asked many questions concerning the android format as i have never had a android phone,and they where very informative.
    so i perchased it there and then , all i can say is "brilliant".
    the touch screen is smooth and responsive, the screen resolution and touch to was the same or maybe even better than some £200 machines.

  10. finbaar says:

    Douglas – battery life is good (and you will be able to get a spare) the 4 hours relates to talk time. The 100 mb is if you stay with that tariff. I unlocked mine and put my VF contract sim in and it is a nice bit of kit.

  11. footy says:

    hey i got this phone last monday n im so happy with it, the internet is great n is very fast. everythink else is excellant. however just one thing, does anyone know wen ther will b any screen protectors available or covers for this phone?? or which other ones work? @douglas, the phone comes withy wifi so u dont have to rely on the 3g.

  12. Jon-Cameron Bates says:

    It's stretching it to say it's every bit as good as a Desire! It's not. It has an appalling camera and it lacks HTC Sense, fast processor and larger screen of Desire for a start. The build quality is also streets away from HTC products. But they cost 3 or 4 times as much so we can't expect this.

    HOWEVER, it's an exceptionaly good phone and great value for money. It's VERY easy to unlock, root and upgrade the ROM to remove all Orange branding and apps (which I did immediately). The screen is bloody good for a entry level phone especially. I would definitely recommend it!

    GOOD: Screen, battery, hardware features, cost, upgradibility. Android 2.1

    BAD: Camera, some build quality issues, no D-PAD/Trackpad, limited internal memory.

  13. sad or wot says:

    bought this phone 11/10/10 very easy to use and pleased i get my e-mails no problem
    can anyone out there help as i would like to get the spider solitair game on my phone ?

  14. annabel4l says:

    i'm thinkin orf gettin this phone
    i aint sue what to do
    i carnt choose out ouf
    orange san fransico
    blackberry8520 ot the
    HTC wildfire

    any help plz

    1. Prakash says:

      Pls don't get the blackberry 8520. I'm selling mine and had just ordered the San Francisco. WIldfire is good as well if you want that HTC Sense feeling of advantage. You might have to tweek and play around with the SanFrancisco to make it work faster by removing all the Orange crap in it. There are loads of websites that'll help you to do that. All said, I got it for £89 after my NUS discount and since I registered with quidco I might get another £12 cash back at some point if all works well. It's a steal!!!

  15. Craig says:

    I bought it yesterday. Its really good. The battery is not going to be good because its android and has a lot of apps running but mine lasts roughly 3 days on battery acording to how much battery goes down in one day.

    Its a really fun phone to use and I thik its great. well worth the money!

  16. Abbie says:

    I bought one the other week it is a good phone but the apps automaticly conect to the internet so you pay for it and i cant change the key board setting :/

  17. Mikesolwil says:

    I bought one about a week ago and the battery runs down straight away. That's to say, it lasts max a day, and yesterday lasted about half a day. I don't understand, as I only use it for very basic things and haven't got close to watching videos or anything. It's appallingly frustrating – I had a very basic phone before and the battery lasted for days. If this is the price one has to pay for fancy phones, I must admit I'm not sure I can be bothered with the stress.

    And the touch screen is rubbish – it doesn't think anything like as fast as my fingers, or is too sensitive, so constantly deletes things it shouldn't or writes things it shouldn't. Chaos. Having wasted 100 quid, I'm going to look for a phone with a physical keyboard and a battery which lasts. Perhaps a Blackberry, as I just got this thing to have email. Either that or I'll go back to my old phone.

    1. Cally says:

      As all new phones the battery life isnt as good as they use to be because of all the new technology, i had a blackberry and think that the san francisco is miles better plus the battery life on a blackberry is about the same

    2. Meeeee says:

      Ultimately, you should upgrade to 2.2 on a custom ROM (I recomend Japanese Jellyfish, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0PXEK-UMLc&fe… )
      and that can give you a battery life of about a week.
      However, if that's too much hassle get yourself an app killer/task manager from the app market (there are plenty free ones out there that do the job superbly) and kill any processes that you don't need. This should give you at least a good couple days extra.
      Good luck! 🙂

  18. Paul says:

    Yel it looks a good phone im getting one end of january, iIM changing to 3 i found a unlock code. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Obp3fTDdIo

    I have been looking for the best pay as you go tariffs and i found 3 network does a good deal (in les you found a better deal please say )300 texts,150mb internet, free 3 to 3 calls,when you top up £10 pound then use your £10er as a add on and get 100 minutes !

  19. Cally says:

    I have had this phone since christmas now and went to send a song to someone and it doesnt give you the option even though i can recieve songs, does anyone know if you can send music on this phone?

  20. This phone is brilliant!!!! It has the best running system in the world…….android. It may only be 2.1 but it is good. Downloading aps across wifi is superfast, the phone is thin and sleek, and the user friendly interface is so reliable it is un-realistic. Facebook is very good on it, and on tritter you will never miss a tweet. Now, the sat nav. This phone has a gps which is very good for the price of £99. The sat nav was brilliant for me when finding geocaches in the forest. Overall a exellant phone for the price, and to me- it is way better than a iphone. 🙂

  21. maz says:

    i am thinking to get this phone , however i am little bit concerned about the battery life. can anyone tell me hows the battery life on this phone. and also how is the music quality like on this phone. thanks

    1. selina says:

      depending how much you use it it can last up to 2 days. my one lasts for for over a day but since it has a usb adaptor i just carry it around with me so i can charge it when i using a computer.

      music quality i believe is good, its clear and the MP3 is easy to use.

      great phone
      had it for 3 months

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