T-Mobile G2 Will Not Tether On Release

For all you T-Mobile G2 hopefuls expecting to get some tethering action on when you get your handset on the T-Mobile G2 you may find you’re somewhat disappointed as there may be no tethering on the G2 at release anyway.

According to an article over on i4u by Robert Evans a report over on Tmonews has it that although T-Mobile has a history of being tether friendly just have to look at the T-Mobile G1 apparently the T-Mobile G2 will not support tethering when it is released.

The original Android smartphone, the T-Mobile G1 tethered fine, and Android 2.2 Froyo also supports tethering so it would appear that this is quite a shift for T-Mobile, but if you are expecting tethering on your T-Mobile G2 then think again.

Apparently T-Mobile did announce that the T-Mobile G2 wouldn’t support tethering initially but also sated they recognise consumer interest and thus is working on a solution.


One thought on “T-Mobile G2 Will Not Tether On Release”

  1. EffJayGee says:

    "Working on a solution?" A solution to what? The thing ships with 2.2, which includes tethering, so T-Mo is looking for a solution to the problem of T-Mo deliberately disabling that feature?

    Cyanogenmod white knights, to arms!

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