Angry Birds for Android Hits 1 Million Downloads Milestone

There is a little quite addictive mobile game doing the rounds of Android devices lately, I even have the free copy myself on my Samsung Galaxy S, the game is called Angry Birds which became available on Android not too long ago.

Well according to an article over on Softpedia by Ionut Arghire, Angry Birds for Android is proving to be quite a popular game much as expected and has now reached the 1 million downloads milestone, which isn’t a bad achievement considering the length of time its been available.

The announcement was made by Rovio spokesperson Peter Versterbacka, while a recent article over on The Next Web says…” Although available only in a beta version at the moment, the Angry Birds game for Android was extensively tested so as to offer the best possible experience for mobile phone users. Moreover, this extensive testing period is also said to have contributed to a close release of the full version of the game, though no specific details on when that would happen were unveiled for the time being.”

Apparently Rovio was somewhat taken by surprise at the success of Angry Birds, but does intend to take full advantage of that and is currently considering bringing Angry Birds to the PlayStation, Xbox, Wii, NDS and PSP.

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