Apple iPhone Game: 100 Nazi Scalps Demo Video

If you are into the death and blood gaming experience we have a video demonstration for your viewing consideration today of 100 Nazi Scalps for the iPhone, a cartoon style shooter for those that love to kill.

The video demo of 100 Nazi Scalps for the iPhone comes our way courtesy of Casey Chan of Gizmodo, and is said to be quite an addictive game as its premise is to simply kill and scalp as many Nazis as possible.

As you can imagine, the setting is World War II and the gamer plays a soldier sent on a mission to simply kill the enemy. The gamer can move forwards and backwards, and crouch, and to tire the weapon you tap one button and to scalp with a knife the other button.

Well that’s basically about it where gameplay is concerned with 100 Nazi Scalps for the iPhone which is currently free in iTunes and is normally priced at $0.99, so check out the video below and see what you think.

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