White iPhone 4 Rogers & AT&T Release, Walmart Stickers

It is time for the White iPhone 4 release confusion again, or should we call it speculation or maybe just plain craziness? Well there are a few details saying that Rogers and AT&T will be releasing the white in colour iPhone.

The Apple Store as you are well aware is still not showing any sign of the white Apple iPhone 4 being released but reports are coming in that it will happen very soon, according to iPhone FAQ they reveal that an inventory leak via Rogers the Canadian iPhone carriers showing a screenshot that shows the iPhone 4 underneath the black version being listed.

Erictric shows information and sticker labels showing the 16GB iPhone 4 in white with AT&T for $197 on a two-year contract that will go on sale via Walmart, we do not know if this is all true or just fake as no official announcements have been made.

Christmas 2010 is getting close and surely we should see the white version being on sale this side of Christmas.

Please let us know if you think the above is true, if it is all true when do you reckon the Apple iPhone 4 in white will release. If you like the above article you may wish to check out new Apple devices being discovered.

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