iPhone 4 Can Be R2-D2 Too for $2

If you are an iPhone toting Star Wars fan who’s feeling somewhat envious of that all new Star Wars tribute smartphone the Droid R2-D2 Special Edition, fear not because you can quell that envious streak just by shelling out $2.00.

According to an article over on Intomobile by James Falconer, to get your iPhone 4 looking much like that Droid R2-D2 handset and to take away some of that Star Wars envy there is actually an R2D2 iPhone 4 sticker available to purchase.

Apparently the R2D2 sticker for iPhone 4 is a full colour durable vinyl sticker which has been printed using solvent ink, passed through a plotter and die cut to fit the iPhone 4, and apparently the designers have said it’ll last between five and seven years.

Of course the best part is you don’t have to switch your smartphone to grab a bit of R2D2 happiness, and doing so isn’t going to break the bank as the R2D2 iPhone 4 sticker costs $2.00 plus shipping and can be purchased from Etsy.

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