Amazon Android App Store Terms Detailed

The other day the word was that Amazon was looking to have their own Android application store, and today a purported Amazon document has hit the net waves which apparently give all the details of the terms and conditions for the new app store.

According to an article over on Intomobile by Kelly Hodgkins, the guys over at Slash gear have managed to get hold of Amazon’s Android App Store Terms and Conditions which is one lengthy piece of reading so if you wish to check out all the details hit up Slash Gear.

But cutting all the waffle away it looks like Amazon will charge developers an annual registration fee of $99 with royalty payments being 70 percent of the purchase and 20 percent of the list price, which we knew about anyway.

Amazon will be a partial “gatekeeper” much like the Android Market and retain the rights to test all applications and naturally remove titles which “adversely affect end users.” Amazon will apparently add their DRM and not the developer and furthermore requires developers to launch any apps on Amazon at the same price and same time as other app stores.

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