Apple iPad: Will You Buy via Target, Amazon or Walmart?

The Apple iPad is now on sale via Target and Amazon and Walmart is expected to sell it also, the question is “What store will you buy from?”

All US Target retail stores is selling the Apple iPad and they have 6 models to choose from, the 32GB and 64GB iPad Wi-Fi models are on sale via Amazon at the same price as Apple Store prices.

Amazon are not selling the iPad via third-party partners with high prices, iPads will now cost the same as Apples prices with free shipping. They will be on sale in 25 countries, 1,093 Best Buy locations and 1,743 Target stores.

According to Bloomberg Businessweek, Walmart will offer the Apple iPad by the end of the year, iPad sales will go through the roof and demand is astonishing. Please let us know if you will buy via Apple, Amazon, Walmart or Target.

Source – Mobiles DNA

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