Nokia N8 Shows Up On Amazon USA and UK

The latest Symbian^3 flagship smartphone from the Nokia stable, the Nokia N8 has now surfaced on Amazon USA and Amazon UK, with the UK Nokia N8 to ship on the 18th of October while the Nokia N8 US version has an estimated shipping date of “1-2 months.”

According to an article over on My Nokia Blog, by Jay Montano, the Nokia N8 wasn’t showing on Amazon USA a while ago but now is and has been priced at $549 and unlocked, while the Nokia N8 on Amazon UK is priced at £419.99.

The UK Nokia N8 is SIM free and is apparently 20 percent dearer than the standard pay and go price, so the Nokia N8 UK costs £420 while the US version costs $549 which is roughly £340, seems to me like the US is getting a fairly good deal there.

The Nokia N8 also apparently will be available in the US in black, green, silver, and according to the Amazon USA screen grab, grey, which are also available to UK buyers. So anyone looking to pick up the Nokia N8?

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