Greenpois0n iPhone 4.1 Jailbreak Release Date October 10, Your Views

The new Greenpois0n iPhone 4.1 Jailbreak release date has been confirmed for October 10 at 10.10 am GMT, the date and time is all in the tens baby.

The iPhone Download Blog reports that P0sixninja says that this new jailbreak for the iPhone is going to release on Sunday and we can see this day being very busy indeed and know that everyone will be doing the jailbreak.

If you have been on the 4.1 for ages then you will be very excited indeed with the release, no one knows for sure if the final release name will be Greenpois0n but of course we will let you know, will it be tethered or not? Well we will let you know about this very soon as we have plenty of information coming your way.

According to Chpwn this new release was just an ETA, which means just an estimate, but we know this is great news and all will be very happy indeed.


8 thoughts on “Greenpois0n iPhone 4.1 Jailbreak Release Date October 10, Your Views”

  1. Neil says:

    ok if you have a 4th gen device, what about the rest of us with 3G and 3GS, what a load of croc, greenpois0n was said to jailbreak all devices, now being told only 4th gen!!!
    I remember the chronic dev team doing this before, get everyones hopes up, then at the last minute not release, now only covers a handfull of users, whats the point, if you are gona release a jailbreak tool, at lease produce one that will cover the majority of devices!!!!!
    Not a happy bunny!!!!!

    1. Stan says:

      well, if you're not happy with the efforts of these guys,working long hours for free, just so ppl like you & I can have more fun on our phones and get stuff for free………. why don't you simply go somewhere else and pay for it instead…. and stop your whining…

  2. Laurie says:

    What a crock of shat, never mind the totaly useless iphone 4 there are a lot more 3gs's. I had a 4 and couldnt get rid of it quick enough.They also say you can use snowbreeze which is also crap unless it is already jailbroken when you wouldnt need it in the dam first place

  3. homer says:

    it might not be a good jailbreak tho it could mess up your iphone voiding the warranty and your left with a bad slow glichd iphone, if you like to play games on your iphone i sugest not jailbreaking it, this is due to the fact that games automatically slow down and theyll be laggy but other than that your phone is good to go jst dnt play games and when you click on an app it takes longer to pop up sometimes. i think it would be more safe to wait another month or soo to see if there are any other better upgraded jailbreaks.

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