Halloween Town Monster Maker iPhone App: Facebook Creatures

Put the scare on with the cool Halloween Town Monster Maker iPhone App, this application allows you to choose a photo from your photo album or you can take a picture of yourself and friends, and then turn them into scary creatures.

The app has loads of special features like brushes and textures, plus eyes, skin changes, teeth, and so on. Basically take a picture then paint on some vampire skin, zombie skin, rotten skin, blood, bruises, and shading!

Once you have done that go choose some mouths, wounds, fangs, eyes or scars, if that is to much of a pain then just choose the whole make-ups section.

We love the bit where you can e-mail it to someone or even publish it as your Facebook profile picture, if you do decide to Facebook it please wait around 15-30 seconds before you quit, it needs time to upload.

Please visit iTunes for more information or simply search your App Store via your device, if you already have this app installed please do send in your personal reviews.

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