John Lennon Lyrics and Quotes: Two iPhone Apps

If you visit the Google search page you will notice that they have the Google Doodle and today it celebrates the 70th birthday of John Lennon, so in respects we thought we would give you some iPhone app goodness on the legend.

The first app is called “John Lennon QuickQuotes”, this application has many quotes by John Lennon and its main features include: Over 60+ carefully selected quotes, Shake for random quote, Bookmark favorite quotes, Email quotes to friends and family, Search quotes, Swipe up/down to change wallpapers, Font is configurable and Swipe left/right to see next/previous quote (animated). For more information please visit iTunes.

The second app is called “John Lennon Lyrics Studio”, which contains all the lyrics and videos of the music star from The Beatles, main features include: Official authorized song lyrics, Corresponding videos as they become available on YouTube, Sharing: share with friends via Facebook, e-mail and SMS, watch YouTube videos with the John Lennon Lyrics Studio, publish up to 150 characters of a lyric as your status on Facebook or Twitter, ongoing updates of the artist’s catalog and so much more. For more info please visit iTunes

If you know of any other cool apps to do with John Lennon please let us know, and please do comment about the legend himself.

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