Motorola Defy Takes a Swim at CTIA 2010: Video

Motorola’s new Android packing Defy smartphone has been touted as being water and scratch resistant and dust proof, thus it appears that to prove this point during CTIA 2010 the Motorola Defy took a dip in a tank of water, and was captured on video doing so.

Of course we have that water submergence Motorola Defy test video for your viewing pleasure below, which comes our way courtesy of Myriam Joire over at Engadget and delivers a minute of Motorola Defy swim time.

In the video we see some water being poured over the Defy and the handset being turned face down in the water, I had expected a complete submergence of the device, something like 5 or 6 inches, but there you go, and the Motorola Defy does appear to come out untouched.

So to check out the Motorola Defy taking a light swim for a few moments head on down below and mash that play button, but remember please don’t try this with your own smartphone at home as it can have dire consequences…enjoy.

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