Ultrasn0w Won’t Unlock iOS 4.1 But New Pwnage Tool Update Will

If you have already updated your iPhone to version IOS 4.1 you are probably aware that ultrasn0w won’t unlock iOS 4.1 baseband devices and furthermore you can’t just downgrade to a previous iOS version, but all is not lost.

According to an article over on iPhone Download Blog by Sebastien, is that the iPhone Dev Team is to release an update to the Pwnage Tool jailbreak which should enable users to upgrade to iOS 4.1 and keep the baseband intact and still be able to use ultrasn0w to unlock the device.

Basically what they are saying is if you have already upgraded to iOS 4.1 your bang out of luck while if you have been holding off, then once the upgraded Pwnage Tool is released you should be good to go for a jailbreak.

No doubt the iPhone Dev Team continues to seek solutions but whether they can push out anything before Apple released iOS 4.2 which drops in November remains to be seen, if not then the cat and mouse game will continue.


8 thoughts on “Ultrasn0w Won’t Unlock iOS 4.1 But New Pwnage Tool Update Will”

    1. Wearwolf says:

      What would you do if you have a iphone 4 brought from US and you are in different courty where Iphone 4 is yet to be launched ?

      I believe i have answered you question……………

    2. Kiamona says:

      AT&T Sucks…My entire friend base are using AT&T..Hello I can not hear you!!!!!!!!! Services are wack, the signal is weak as ever, but the price is on point..GF!!

    3. Iphone says:

      ur Retarted, people all over the world have iphone, not with just ATT STUPID!! here in japan we dont have ATT we have softbank (phone company) and we wanna use DOCOMO (phone company) So we need the unlock. Ur just a Retard!

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