Greenpois0n 4.1 Jailbreak Delayed: LimeRa1n Beta Released

Chronic Dev Team has said that they are delaying the new Greenpois0n 4.1 Jailbreak, it was supposed to be released today at 10:10GMT but this is not happening now.

The CDT reports that Geohot’s untether unstable and incomplete, the reason Chronic Dev Team is delaying the new Greenpois0n jailbreak is so they can incorporate Geohot’s exploit (LimeRa1n) and burn their own according to TiPb.

A new Tweet from Comex says, “Fine, geohot’s release now has my approval, because otherwise everyone would use the initial (pulled) broken version. Ugh”.

We reported that Greenpois0n was going live today but missed the news it was being delayed so sorry about that, please do have your discussion here though. Please let us know what your feelings are about the Greenpois0n 4.1 jailbreak delay.


47 thoughts on “Greenpois0n 4.1 Jailbreak Delayed: LimeRa1n Beta Released”

    1. Joshua Aragon says:

      Greenpois0n would'nt have worked either! The Greenpois0n tool uses the SHAtter exploit and only works on devices with the new A4 chip which is the iPhone 4, iTouch 4, iPad, & iTV. They are taking out SHAtter and implementing Limera1n's exploit. This will work better than the Limera1n that is out now because the Limera1n that is out now is not complete and Chronic Dev Team is fixing it. I don't know what devices it will work with once their done because Limera1n is using things not meant for certain devices.

  1. Zaman Khanjee says:

    I have tried limera1n but it doesn't work on my both iphones 3Gs running ios 4.0 and 3Gs running ios 4.1.
    it goes in dfu mode saying that exploiting, but nothing happens. I think limera1n is a fake release.
    I'm very curious for greenpios0n release!

    1. Joshua Aragon says:

      WRONG WRONG WRONG!!!! If they release their SHAtter exploit then that will ruin a perfectly good exploit because Apple will know that exploit and patch it in new devices! So its better that they just don't use SHAtter and they use Limera1n's exploit instead. They are currently fixing Greenpois0n to have the Limera1n exploit without any bugs like GeoHot's current version has.

  2. hotshatterpois · says:

    I think the shatter team delayed too much and got a kick in the gullet. In any case they should have released shatter. I will donate to both exploits.

  3. Zac says:

    Well, I used limera1n and had no problems with it, I typed this using my jailbroken iPod touch 4g. I don’t know why people are saying it’s unstable, it’s fine!

    1. Devilishpsp says:

      Yeah! i jailbroke my ipod touch 4g with limera1n. Everything is working. installous/infiniboard/dock/etc

      its awesome 😀 and its sooo simple to jailbreak it

  4. bacinbits says:

    Quick note guys: egohot himself has already claimed that limera1n is a buggy piece of crap. Even if I wanted to buy his excuse that he did it to make "dev team do the right thing", I still wouldn't use or support it. Its still bugged and unstable. You can tell its horrid because a day after release its already gone from beta to beta 4, I've never seen a good piece of work get updated that often in one day, or fly through beta stages so fast. I'd definitely recommend waiting for greenpois0n to clean up the mess. But if you're fine with a 50-50 chance(odds probably aren't tipped so well in your favor tho) that a jb will work or screw over your phone, go ahead and try limera1n.
    P.s. : not talkin outta my ass here. My friend jailbroke his 4g iphone today and before our 3:32 length phone call was over he was already telling me about how he was goin into recovery mode to undo it.

  5. emsir says:

    Well now I have tried to jailbreak my Iphone 3G – 4 times, when entering DFU mode nothing happens – oh yes something happens ITunes opens and says Iphone is in restore mode and it must be restored, but NOTHING happens with Limera1n, it just says In DFU mode….please wait. Okay I waited for 10 minutes and NOTHING happened. I just had to restore to 4.1 again and again…..
    If it only works with Iphone 4 it should be stated. Only chance to get my Iphone working with jailbreak is to go back to IOS 3.1.3….I am sure there is no jailbreak for IOS 4.1 ,yet. for Iphone 3G…..

  6. jamie says:

    i tried limera1n on my 4.1 3gs, the limera1n and cydia icons remain blank even after restarting my device several times like i was told to. everything seems to work fine but then cydia just wont open so yeah :S hopefully greenpois0n with limera1n incorporated into it will work on my 3gs!!!! been waiting ages to break it

  7. Mellz says:

    Well I tried the new release jb myself and it was all around good until I tried to put my tmobile sim card in and it said invalid sim .

    Whomp whomp that’s the only reason I jb my phone so long story short I’ll wait for green poison because I rather be fully functional than teased that’s why I don’t go to strip clubs lol

  8. jumper says:

    Limrain sucks, period. It is buggy as hell. supposedly jailbroke my iphone 4 on 4.1 but it's not rooted. I can only access common files,not root (It says 'Jailed' in iFunbox). Also, Cydia is broken and doesn't load up
    Stay away !!!!!!!!

  9. TreZn says:

    Ok guys here’s the full story limera1n is known to work on all idevices except the iPhone 3G which can be jb’d with redsn0w 9.6. most people that had problems with limera1n used betae 1 or 2. Beta four has Been confirmed to work. Also the reason greenposi0n was not released is because it’s a waste of a botroom exploit. These exploits are extremely hard to find and while the limera1n exploit is fairly simple the greenposi0n exploit is a low level exploit that will make an idevice forever jailbreakable thus when 4.2 comes out (next month) the original greenposi0n will be released and you will all be happy. So for now CronicDev is using the limera1n exploit to modify a second version of posi0n that will jb 4.1. Sooo all in all you can jb with limera1n now wait for the new cronicDev posi0n other the original greenposi0n when 4.2 comes out

  10. Guest says:

    Since kick-ass comex stepped into the jailbreak scene (come on! jailbreakMe, Spirit!) the day is saved. This time it is not geohot who failed, but the iPod dev team.

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