Greenpois0n 4.1 Jailreak Today: Discussions, are you ready?

Today is the day when the new Greenpois0n 4.1 jailbreak will go live and we want to know are you sitting next to your device, laptop, PC waiting for the Greenpois0n website to go live.

Not long to go now the wait is almost over and we can see how good the new 4.1 jailbreak really is, will it have the appeal that we expect? Will it come with problems? There are so many questions and we are asking you to post all your comments and have your say.

The time will be 10:10GMT and that’s when we will all know, scroll down below and start the discussion off, we want to know what you are thinking.

In a nutshell this is somewhere for you to have a little chat and discuss about Greenpois0n whilst you wait, it is a way of killing time, stay right here and CLICK the link to go to the official website — Greenpois0n.com


30 thoughts on “Greenpois0n 4.1 Jailreak Today: Discussions, are you ready?”

    1. Limera1n i have used LImera1n to jailbreak my ipod touch 3g running on ios 4.1 and it works perfectly. Obviously Limera1n is better because it is causing a delay in greenpois0n.

      1. bacinbits says:

        That's a really bad reason to state limera1n is better. It would have been more correct for you to simply say limera1n is better because its the only one currently available.
        And the reason it caused a delay is because devteam is considerate of the jb community and decided not to burn two exploits back to back so future idevice owners wouldn't be screwed over.

  1. Beaster says:

    you do know Limera1n beat them to the punch don't you it was released yesterday 🙂 and my iphone 4 is now Jailbroken with OS4.1 >>>>> and it works for every apple device<<<<<<<<< BONUS…

  2. Benpm says:

    Greenpoin0n is now held back, they ate going to implement geohots exploit into it instead of SHAtter, they don't want to wast 2 bottom exploits at once, so it's another wait for greenpoins0n

  3. thejdf75 says:

    greenpois1on is not being released as it could actualy be patched by apple,they are now going to wait and use geohot exploit instead,lime rain beta works fine,a few reboots needed but still beta,only windows supported at the moment. youtube dinozambas for vid and link

  4. bacinbits says:

    Uh last I checked, limerain wasn't working with anything other than the 4g idevices.
    The 3g is "broken" as its stated. and egohot himself has said that limera1n is a buggy piece of crap(im not joking).

    I intend to wait on greenpois0n, since it's devs don't seem driven by ego and e-peen.
    On a more serious note, greenpois0n was actaully tested and worked on, so its bound to have less bugs than limera1n

  5. no fair says:

    what the hell i mean just because limera1n is released
    it dosent mean that the chronic dev team have to cry and cancel Greenpois0n because i want to use greenpois0n cause its better and stable plus its safer than limera1n

  6. Angybino says:

    Why postpone Greenpois0n? I would've taken that over Limera1n anyday. Can't believe I waited and waited, finally got a release day and now I'm told at the last minute I can't have it. What a joke! It makes me wonder if Greenpois0n was ever going to be released today.

  7. jaffamuffin says:

    wtf. Does this do ipad 3.2.2? Will greenpoison do ipad 3.2.2 ? when is greenpoison out?

    So greenpoison is being held back to add in geohot exploit and not what is was going to do, so the original greenoison explot can be held back for future use. So what's the friggin point of greenpoison now then ?

  8. Kevboselecta says:

    I got up out of bed and waited for this, just to be told it is delayed once again………. Either release it or don't, stop messing us about and giving us dates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Des777 says:

    This suck!!!!. What a big waist of time.
    Anyway how about working on unlocking the baseband in stead of waisting time with greenpois0n
    . These guys will never release it because there will allways be somebody that will find a different exploit before they are done with greenpois0n.

    They should take down the stupid website and work on some that poeple need. Like a baseband unlock.

  10. lexxieeee says:


    when will you release the jailbreak for 4.1??please give us a date!!!!
    im getting so frustrated!!my i4 is unlocked and i accidentally updated it to 4.1 with the latest baseband 02.10.04..i couldnt downgrade the baseband because i did not save the older SHSH..
    and now i cannot get it activated without AT&T coz i live in CHINA!!!!
    its more like a BRICKED i4 now!!
    i dont know how else to deal with it! :S

    will you further develop it on a baseband 02.10.04???

  11. Plz release the jailbreak, Plz release the jailbreak!!!! I have a iPod touch 2g mc model iOS 4.1 an i tried limera1n and it dident work, if anybody could tell me Why? Email me Joserivas1994@Yahoo.com, I need my iPod jailbroken!!! I ain’t desperate I just love putting themes and experimenting with it, so any tips email it i Will appreciate it. Chronic devv team all the way, no homo lol

    1. steve says:

      Go to the limera1n website. straight from there:

      limera1n, 6 months in the making
      iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3G, iPad, iPhone 4, iPod Touch 4G
      4.0-4.1 and beyond+++
      Your 2g isn't supported.

  12. Steve1010 says:

    God damn it. I am holding a fucking iPhone 4 IOS 4.1 baseband 1.59 and refuse to inject the lime juice into it. I just have to stay behind the Apple’s bars until the FUCKING Gpois0n gets released.

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