Greenpois0n vs. LimeRa1n Jailbreak War: The Exploit Discussion

If you look at the Greenpois0n official website you will now see in big red letters right across the logo “Delayed” and this is down to the LimeRa1n jailbreak being released yesterday, which was supposed to be today.

The Greenpois0n iOS 4.1 jailbreak download has been delayed, which we mentioned yesterday and we have had many readers commenting with anger. You cannot blame customers for being a little upset seeing as they waiting for quite a while for this new jailbreak.

The Chronic Dev Team has delayed the SHAtter exploit so that they can implement another exploit in the greenpois0n jailbreak tool, Geohot released the LimeRa1n jailbreak yesterday and it has mixed reactions, some say that the download went smoothly and some have said it is not working, if your download did not work please read our earlier post titled “LimeRa1n Not Working? Here’s Why”.

The Chronic Dev Team were right not to release because it would have been a fight between themselves and Gehot and that means Apple would potentially patch both exploits; possibly.

LimeRa1n is apparently very easy to use and works well with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPod touch 3G and iPod touch 4G, and not forgetting the Apple iPad. Greenpois0n will only work with devices that run 4.1.

Please do scroll down to our comments area and have your say, we want to know how Greenpois0n waiters are feeling, please do not use BAD LANGUAGE as this site has all ages visiting, please RESPECT our wishes. Thanks


23 thoughts on “Greenpois0n vs. LimeRa1n Jailbreak War: The Exploit Discussion”

  1. Shadow says:

    Was extremly dissappointed to here at the last minute greenpois0n wouldnt work with the 3gs, huge thanks to geohot for limera1n, i now have my phone back the way i WANT it.

    thanks for the hard work though guys

  2. Chrizn.geo says:

    Massive frustration I have the IPAD 3.2.2 and limera1n doesn't work. Purchased the IPAD with 3.2.2 ilnstalled so never jail broke it and now will have to wait longer for the crack. Stupid.

    1. mikev says:

      Try jailbreaking from WinXP, it worked for me, i tried first in win7 but it wouldnt jailbreak, then i tried in a pc with winXP and it did the magic

  3. Solja says:

    I think that they should at least make a working jailbreak for people using 2G MC models or 3G MC models because redsn0w doesnt work and some people(like me) can't downgrade from 4.1….

    1. Limera1n works for MC models. I did mine and it worked fine. But when my friend asked me to do his i tried limera1n and it didnt work so i tried greenpois0n and it worked perfect. So thanks to both. They deserve a hug.

  4. Freeflyin180 says:

    I used limera1n on my iPhone 4 4.1

    Took a couple tries to get into DFU but it was quick and easy after that. My hats off to all of these guys, whether it’s limera1n or greenpois0n. They spend their time and resources to supply the masses with a free utility to have what we want. How can you criticize or complain about release dates or model compatibility. IT’S FREE!

  5. SPC Ryan says:

    I am jailbroken with limera1n on my iPhone 4, however I used Greenpois0n on my friends iPhone 4, what it boils down to here is preference, I will have to add that greenpois0n gets kinda scary when jailbreaking, the solid white screen and the 10 minutes it takes to complete jailbreak, 1/2 through you start to think, "Damn I just bricked my phone" but with patience it does its job. Limera1n runs much faster. But both jailbreaks worked for me, just wondering about this word that apple has already patched limera1n, rumor or what? don't matter cause i won't upgrade till the dev team hits apple right back. minor upgrade for DST my alarms work just fine anyway. I use them every morning.


  6. Scpcguy says:

    Jailbroke- iPhone 4.1 with limerain – windows 7 ultimate and latest iTunes 10….
    Then iPad 3.2.2 with green poison windows 7 64 bit home-premium and itunes 10 – 64 bit latest.
    You have to do it just right but it will work.

  7. BorG says:

    what do you guys think of other people making money out of the expense of these guys? I mean, there are people getting paid to jailbreak other people's idevices. . They make money out of it but I think the least they could do is donate or give more support to the people who made this jailbreaks possible.

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