Samsung Galaxy Tab T-Mobile Price: Quick Specs

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has now been priced on T-Mobile at $399.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate and two-year contract.

The price is not that much different to that of AT&T, Sprint or Verizon, you will be able to buy the tablet for $649.99 without contract, the question is “Would you prefer this tablet or the Apple iPad?”

Spec wise there is not much difference between each carrier other than the AT&T version does not come with a front-facing camera, what carrier will you buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab from?

Please take a look at the specification sheet via TmoNews; let us know what you think of the specs and of course the tablet’s overall looks and features. Thanks

Source — Phandroid


One thought on “Samsung Galaxy Tab T-Mobile Price: Quick Specs”

  1. york says:

    The Samsung Galaxy Was a surprising development at first but the deal with sprint is awful. Its all about economic and the best way to rip people off. What is the best way to reach that objective? Well, impose a 2 year contract on the "hottest" crave of the fall! Apple themselves do the same, however theirs make more sense than sprints and samsung. Anyways, according to TechBNS, the technology that they put on the phone is kind of played out by now. I was expecting samsung to dish out an OS of their own and not this android crap. So there's another reason not to get this crap. If you want more than read up on this article here.

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