Samsung SBH600 Stereo Bluetooth Headset Review: Your Opinion

The Samsung SBH600 Stereo Bluetooth Headset is fairly old now but many of our readers are still searching for information on it, so we are asking all our readers that own it to send in their personal reviews.

The Samsung SBH600 Stereo Bluetooth headset has Hi-Fi sound quality and features a very powerful amplifier that gives you 3D sound, it also has an adjustable neckband for pure comfort.

Main features Includes: Bluetooth Version 2.0, Up to 20 hours talk time, Up to 500 hours standby time, 175 x 160 x 29mm / 160g, EQ & 3Dsound & Smartbase, Wireless stereo audio streaming, Noise reduction, Auto volume control and Echo cancellation.

If you own the Samsung SBH600 Bluetooth Headset please send in your review so other readers get a little insight, if you know of any good places to buy them from please let us know where. Thanks.


4 thoughts on “Samsung SBH600 Stereo Bluetooth Headset Review: Your Opinion”

  1. Dave says:

    The SBH-600 gets great reviews (from CNET, etc.) for a relatively cheap stereo Bluetooth headset & I've been trying to buy one for the last month but can't find it on Web or in shops. I finally rang Samsung Mobile today & after much messing around have been told it has been discontinued. Solutions? eBay (but don't bid against me if one comes up!)? 0r save up for a Sennheiser MM400 but a pricey toy at £160ish.

  2. Charles Sanders says:

    Just got mine today, and am unable to pair with my laptop (Dell Mini with Linux) despite trying several
    techniques. It paired immediately with my Samsung cellphone, but that isn't why I bought it. Anybody
    have a solution?


    Charlie (cjsand27@gmail.com)

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