Windows Phone 7: What Are The Phones and Release Dates?

Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Event is getting off to a good start and we have the names of the ten mobiles phones, how many countries they will be going to and release date etc.

We gave you a little insight earlier mentioning that there will be ten handsets, 30 Countries and 60 Operators, release dates will be Europe and Asia October 21 and US November 8.

First up is the HTC 7 Surround featuring a 3.8-inch display, T8788 with slideout speaker and will be available with AT&T and Telus. The HTC HD7 aka Schubert includes a 4.3-inch display and will go to T-Mobile and beyond.

Third on the list is the HTC 7 Trophy with 3.8-inch screen and will head towards international carriers, there is the 3.7-inch display HTC 7 Mozart. The Dell Venue Pro is fifth on the list that is a 4.1-inch portrait QWERTY slider for T-Mobile.

The 6th phone is the AT&T’s 4-inch Super AMOLED slate Samsung Focus, number 7 is the Samsung Omnia 7 (i8700) 4-inch Super AMOLED for Europe, then we have the LG Optimus 7 (E900) the official 3.8-inch global smartphone.

9th on the list is the LG Quantum heading towards AT&T, which is a 3.5-inch landscape slider first seen as the C900 and last but not least is number ten called the HTC 7 Pro and this one has a 3.6-inch display and QWERTY slider, this one is for Sprint and will release 2011.

More news to come in detail, so stay right where you are, you looking at the screen? Nice

Source – Engadget

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