Is HTC Desire HD at T-Mobile UK Too Expensive?

T-Mobile UK is now offering the HTC Desire HD but we say it is a little too expensive, everyone has Windows Phone 7 on his or her minds at the moment so we thought we would step it back a gear and talk about the Desire HD.

The HTC Desire HD is the new Android smartphone that is now ready for order over at T-mobile UK, are you ready for the expensive bit? Carry on reading then but make sure you are sitting down as this may shock you a little.

If you would like the HTC Desire HD for nothing, yes free then think about your pocket because it will be £40 per month lighter for 24 months, £40 x 24 = £960 ouch that hurt.

T-Mobile is offering many tariff plans for you to choose that ranges from £320 for the phone on a £10 per month contract and a mega expensive £45 per month on an 18-month contract.

Top features include: Join T-Mobile and you can use Orange’s signal too, Android 2.2 (Froyo), 8-megapixel camera with autofocus and 4GB internal memory.

Head on over to T-Mobile UK for more information and option to order, please let us know if you think the above is too expensive.

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14 thoughts on “Is HTC Desire HD at T-Mobile UK Too Expensive?”

  1. Anthony says:

    I have held on upgrading my Tmobile contract because I really want this phone. However Im not prepared to fork out £40.00 a month for 24 months. Other sites are offering the phone on Tmobile network for less and this may be the route I take. For £40.00 you do get 1200 mins but I and many other people will see the monthly charge being offered by Tmobile and vote with their wallets and purses. I have called Tmobile and the deals for existing customers are not yet available and I was told to call back on the 14th or 15th, so hopefully I will be able to get myself a deal. Fingers crossed eh!

  2. Dan R says:

    Too expensive?? Mobilephonesdirect.co.uk offer the Desire HD with T-Mobile for free of a £30 per month contract with 900 mins, 500 texts and 1GB internet. If you ask me that's a bloody bargain!!

  3. ella says:

    I am also waiting to upgrade with T mobile, i've just been on the phone with them and they said to keep eye on website and phone back in 10 days as there is a delay on this phone. looks like won't be out til end of month/beg of next 🙁 on the plus side they have given me a discount until i get my phone 🙂

  4. Rob says:

    @Dan R – that same contract from the Tmobile website costs £90 for the phone but you get 3GB internet. Handy if you use your phone a lot when out and about. Plus, I've heard nothing but bad things about Mobilephonesdirect.co.uk :S

  5. Sarah J. says:

    I've been researching this as t mobile contacted me today with the offer of a month early upgrade… the Desire HD deal on the web site is quite expensive and not one i'd be going for but the offer includes 3GB internet not 1GB as is being offered on the above deal that Dan R. found… think i'm going to talk to them about deals for existing customers like Anthony here and see what they come up with!! it'd be a complete pain to swap my number / provider etc so hope that they come up with something i can go for…

    1. Sarah J says:

      hi i got a upgrade they gave me flext 35 with 5 pound off.plud free eveing and weekend callt o mobs and landline.unlimited internet plus the phone for free.given i have been with them since the early days.all you have to do is say what will i get if i move my contrac to 24 month.my bill is 31.ish a month.i can not use the allowance.keep pushing them tell them you would like free evening and weekend calls.if you have no luck hang up call back and talk to another upgrades worker.sooner or later you will get a good one that will hook you up.good luck

  6. Ashley says:

    Go through Quidco and get £80 cashback with T-mobile – phone is £90 on £30 a month plan, but works out at only £10 for phone once cashback received. Same deal at vodafone as they pay £90 cashback… average cost over 24 months on both is £30pm..

  7. Lee says:

    Just spoke to T mobile and they are now taking pre orders, I was due an upgrade and got the following deal:

    £30 a month over 24 months (wanted 18 months really but not to fussed)
    900 mins
    500 texts
    Unlimited Internet (1 GB)
    Free Euro Booster (60 mins of calls to european mobile numbers)
    £10 for the handset.

    They was not sure when the handset will be sent out but said roughly 10 – 14 days.

    Not to bad really and im quite happy with that deal!!

  8. Stacey says:

    Just spoke to T mobile as a new customer wanting the new HTC Desire HD – I have got the phone for free, 500 mins, unlimited text & unlimited internet over 24 months for £30.00 a month, on-line this same deal you had to pay £90.00 for the phone, but speaking to them direct I got it free (very happy), they are hoping to have them in week beginning 25th October, they were origanally getting them in yesterday 20th October, but they have been delayed.

  9. dave says:

    My contract expired today, so called them up to ask about upgrades etc, they said the cheapest they can do is £40/month !! Grrr, So I asked for PAK code and will see if they improve their offer. Otherwise I will go through mobiles.co.uk and get their web100 package, 170 for handset @ 20 month for 18 mtnhs.. + £50 off via quidco..

  10. Dawn says:

    i got the htc desire hd on a new contract with e2save.com £25 per month x 24 months with free phone and 600 mins 500 txt unlimited internet (1gb) on Tmobile was due upgrade with Tmobile direct but couldn,t beat this option as e2save is owned by carphone warehouse and all their phones are unlocked for any simm

  11. Rebeka says:

    well i cant believe my luck! ive cancelled my old contract and got offered the HTC desire HD for 5 pound a month.. on a 24month contract!! with 100mins unlimited texts and internet.. i mean the minutes arent alot.. but ive got another contract anyway! just thought i'd share my happiness!!
    good luck all finding a great deal! 😀

  12. The Desire Hd is available from T-mobile as an Upgrade from £30 a month. The exact price depends on the customers spend over their contract. If you are going over your bills you can get a better deal.The trick is to find the right tarif for you, it is no good going on a 300 minute plan and using 400 minutes, as your bill will be £20 morfe than your line rental. Also if you speak to an impartial upgrade specialisat, they will find the best plan and phone for you. You don't always need to get new contract to get the handset you need.

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