iPhone 4 vs Nokia N8 Smartphone Costs: iSuppli Report

The Nokia N8 and the Apple iPhone are majorly different when it comes to features and components, but they are similar in the Bill of Materials (BOM), which apparently costs the same according to an analysis report conducted by iSuppli.

The preliminary estimate from iSuppli says that the Nokia N8 BOM costs come in at around US$187.4 and the 16GB iPhone 4 is around US$187.51.

The touchscreen market is dominated by the Apple iPhone 4, which is what Nokia is trying to do with the Nokia N8. Director principal analyst and teardown services manager, for iSuppli Andrew Rassweiler quotes “Although the two phones differ markedly in key areas, including the camera and the core silicon, both are designed to hit similar production cost budgets.”

The manufacturing expense of the Nokia N8 is approx US$9.50 and the total cost to produce the smartphone will tally up to about US$196.97.

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