Miso Social Networking App for iPhone, iPad and Android

If you are one of the social networking minded smartphone user you may like to download the Miso app to your iPhone or Android smartphone or even your Apple iPad as Miso is an online social networking pp which encourages its users to share their multimedia content.

According to an article over on Shutter Voice, the Miso application features quite a few features embedded into its simple interface and offers the user such stuff as collecting badges which apparently give you access to special online content, so the more badges you get the more content is available.

The main page of the Miso app shows what any of your friends at watching while hitting the “Everyone” tab delivers an overview of the entire Miso social networking community delivering a type of Facebook style experience where the user can watch and share content such as TV shows and videos and more.

The Miso app for iPhone, IPad, and Android devices also enables the user to comment on other people’s choices and there’s even a chat room for socialising and where the user can get a different perspective on a program of season, so you fancy joining Miso you can download the app for the Miso website.

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