Nokia C5 Smartphone Launched: Demo Video

Nokia has now launched a new smartphone in the form of the Nokia C5 and along with the launch of the device Nokia Conversations has published a video demon of said handset, which of course we have for your viewing pleasure below.

The Nokia C5, which is actually C5-03 video demo comes our way courtesy of the guys over at My Nokia Blog and by way of the Nokia Conversations announcement and lasts just over two and a half minutes of up close with the new Nokia C5.

In the video demo we get to see Ming Kwan, of Nokia showing of the new smartphone and giving us a look at the home screen which can hold up to 20 contact icons, there’s also access to social networking such as Facebook, and the Nokia C5 features 3G and WiFi connectivity and available in numerous colours.

So I’ll stop right there so you can skip past all this and head on down to hit the play button of that video and check out the new Nokia C5 3G smartphone for yourselves

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