BlackBerry Style 9670 Confirmed for Telus in Canada

If you are north of the border of the good ole USA where it has now been announced that Sprint will be delivering the latest BlackBerry 6 toting BlackBerry Style 9670 to the American populace, don’t worry as the BlackBerry Style 9670 is also heading your way.

According to an article over on Mobile Syrup by Ian Hardy, Canadian carrier Telus has now confirmed that they will be offering the new BlackBerry Style 9670 flip phone in the great white.

Telus actually confirmed the soon to be released BlackBerry Style 9670 by stating… “Today Sprint announced that they will offer the BlackBerry Style 9780. I wanted to reach out to confirm that TELUS will be offering the BlackBerry Style here in Canada. Pricing and availability information still to come.”

So there you have it, the BlackBerry Style 9670 is defiantly on its way to Canada it’s only a matter of time and who knows maybe the rumours will be right and the device will see release on Telus in November. Any of our Canadian readers hoping to snag the BlackBerry Style 9670?


One thought on “BlackBerry Style 9670 Confirmed for Telus in Canada”

  1. Ric says:

    One can only hope that the "phone" has decent reception qualities. It seems that actual phone quality has deteriorated significantly over the last few years in favour of entertainment mediums called "cell phones".

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