iPhone Outer Space Video: Better than Nasa Shuttle

The video below has got to be the best iPhone video I have ever seen, this is just beyond belief that the smartphone could endure this sort of altitude.

We have seen many weird and amazing things that the iPhone can do but this has to be the best of the best without a doubt, you have got to watch the video to believe it, once you have watched it please do let us know what you think. Please read more info via Brooklyn Space Program.

The Apple iPhone was sent into space (100,000 feet) above ground level, ok that is possible but for it to record the whole flight in great details with great video is amazing to say the least.

The flight kit was fairly simple using an orange polystyrene box and a weather balloon, the Apple iPhone went 19 miles high took a stunning video recording all the way and all the way back down again where it finally landing 30 miles away from launch.

The flight took 90 minutes but the video is only 7 minutes, please watch the video below and let us know if you think they did a better job than the Nasa Shuttle launches.

Source – NY Mag via iPhone Download Blog


3 thoughts on “iPhone Outer Space Video: Better than Nasa Shuttle”

  1. Carbon says:

    Are you serious? Did even watch the video?

    It is stated specifically in the video that a HD Camera is recording the video, and that the camera's battery died during its fall back to Earth.
    The iPhone in the device was only there to serve as a GPS locator.

    Do your research before posting an article.

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