GPS TomTom App Update: iPhone 4, Navigate to Photo

The GPS TomTom iPhone app has now been updated to version 1.5 and has got new features added to make this application more appealing.

Three main updates include: Optimized for iPhone 4, Navigate to photo and New updated maps, below is a little more information for you before you update your app.

The new update once installed will give your iPhone 4 turn-by-turn navigation with better features, these features include sharper maps and high resolution graphics, you will get better responsive menus and positioning is more accurate.

Navigate to photo will allow you to grab a photo of a place you want to go to and then by simply tapping on the image the TomTom app will take you straight there, this means no address inputs anymore.

The maps have been updated, so much so that 1 million more miles of US roads than competitors, for more information please visit iTunes. If you already have the app get the update right now.

If you have this app installed we would love for you to send in your personal reviews and opinions and please do tell us if you are having any problems at all.

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3 thoughts on “GPS TomTom App Update: iPhone 4, Navigate to Photo”

  1. jacques says:

    i juste install it on my iphone 4.
    Liste of problemes:

    colors of maps turn black and wite whene navigate
    buttons are too littes on screen
    the voice is irrégular
    some message have no sense
    i dont sugesse this product

  2. Tasha says:

    I am trying to do the update, but my phone is little full, but I am working on that.
    I LOVE this app. You change the voices and you can change the color of you maps.
    I have been in 3 unfamiliar states, since I purchased it, and it has already helped me get around. Also it helped me avoid traffic.

  3. Justin says:

    I just installed the the new update for TomTom on my iphone 4.

    I thought the idea of clicking on a photo was a great idea but when I tried it I found it wasn’t accurate and didnt really work. I opened the TomTom application and went to navigate to and then photo, a list of photos already taken then comes up and when you click on a photo an address for where that photo was taken comes up some addresses were spot on but others were miles away from where the photo was actually taken. For example I clicked on a photo taken at my home and was pleased to see it located my street and and location on the map but when I clicked on another photo taken at the same time at the same location it came up with a map reference some 15 km away in the middle of a lake. The picture was of my kitchen bench and the pin locator on the map was in the middle of Lake Burley Griffen. I then took a photo outside at my current location to test that and again the location it gave me was about 10km down the road from where I was.

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