Microsoft Windows Phone 7 to Gain Frogger and Shazam

If you are one who is waiting for the first Microsoft Windows Phone 7 smartphones to hit the mobile space, which should be in 2 days time, you may like to know that both the Shazam music app and Frogger game app will be available to the platform.

According to an article over on Softpedia by Ionut Arghire, Shazam will have several aspects specific to the Windows Phone 7 platform making use of the Pivot and Panorama controls and also features a unique Windows Phone 7 Metro design scheme and also includes Windows Phone 7 XNA audio features.

When it comes to Frogger on Windows Phone 7 however, the application is still the classic Frogger game that users are used to whereby the user needs to get Frogger across a river whilst avoiding cars, trucks and other obstacles and the like.

However, the Konami Digital Entertainment mobile game was developed using XNA Studio and thus not only delivers the same feeling and the classic game it also features full integration with Microsoft Xbox Live and there’s even multitouch.

So does the ability to use Shazam and Frogger make you want to rush out and purchase a Windows Phone 7 smartphone more, or are you simply going to wait and see how Windows Phone 7 takes off first?

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