LG C100 Wink Review, Specifications and Release

The LG C100 Wink is an entry-level mobile phone that is hard to find, now it seems when searching for this phone many of you are not getting too much information on price or release date, and we are in the same boat.

Leave it with us we will find out more information on this handset for you, in the meantime what do we know; well we know the specifications and a few other details.

The main specs include: 2.2-inch TFT Display with 176 X 220 pixel resolution, QWERTY keypad, 1.3 MP camera, FM Radio and Media Player, plus a few other multimedia features, 64MB of internal memory, MicroSD card slot can take up to 4GB cards, GSM, GPRS and EDGE network and Bluetooth 2.1 support.

As said we cannot find anything to do with price or release date but please keep coming back as we will find out for you, if you know anything about the LG Wink C100 please do let us know. For more information please visit LG


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