Android HTC Knight for Sprint Partially Detailed

There seems to be a new Android smartphone that is destined for the Sprint network coming out of the HTC camp and is apparently called the HTC Sprint and today we gain a couple of details about this mysterious device.

According to an article over on Engadget by Sean Hollister, and by way of XDA-developers, their source indicates that the HTC Knight features a 3.7 inch display and a slide action keyboard, which is describes by this XML file text…

“Make sure to activate your device before you operate the handset by setting up the Google account on the device. 4. To view the contacts on the device, select “Contacts” and push “Menu” button, select “Display group > All contacts > OK”. 5. Do not slide screen in/out during the operation.”

Thus this would suggest that the HTC Knight for Sprint is indeed a slider device but doesn’t necessarily mean it will be a physical sliding QWERTY keyboard because as we have already seen with the HTC Surround, a slider can also hide speakers, so maybe the HTC Knight has something else to hide?

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