iPhone iOS 4 .1 Password Security Unlock Flaw: Access Contacts

If you own the Apple iPhone and you password lock it to stop people getting into your smartphone you may want to know that there is an unlock security flaw within iPhone iOS 4.1.

This is a major security problem that has been found in iOS 4 for iPhone, the security issue allows you to access the contacts area within the phone without having to unlock the phone with a 4-digit password.

No hack is needed here readers, we have tried this ourselves and it does work, kind of scary if you ask us especially if you have contacts you do not wish to share.

This is how to do it:

    1) Touch the “Emergency Call” button
    2) The enter ###
    3) Tap the Call button and immediately hit the Lock button
    4) Now you will see that the contacts app is now showing

Once you have done the above you will be in the contacts area where you will be able to browse, edit, email, any contact, which is definitely not a good thing and Apple should get a fix for this straight away.

Watch the Salomão Filho video via Vimeo and see the man doing the above himself, if you have anything to say on the above flaw please do let us know, and of course if you have tried this we would like to know if it worked for you.

Source – iPhone Download Blog


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