New Android LG LTE Handset for Verizon On Way?

So what do we have here? Well apparently it’s a new Android based smartphone from LG which apparently will be heading for Verizon Wireless at some point in the future, and although there’s very little to be gleaned from this image, one thing it does show is an LTE logo.

The picture of the new LG device was sent to Chris Ziegler of Engadget who says you can just make out the LTE logo near the bottom of the device on its rear, which makes this particular handset one of six LTE devices the Big Red has stated are scheduled for the first half of 2011.

Also judging by the picture there seems to be some kind of HD camera which could mean either 720p or perhaps 1080p video capture, and lastly it looks like the device will sport a rather large mirrored display, possibly sporting a front facing snapper.

Ziegler also says there is a WiFi logo on the rear of the device as well, and apparently it has been suggested one of the other rear logo’s is for DLNA. That’s about all that can be surmised with this new LG Android device at the moment but as soon as more comes to light we’ll pass it along.

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