Facebook vs Twitter Mobile: Are you a Twit or Facebonker?

This is a question that we would love to know when it comes to Facebook vs. Twitter mobile, what do you use the most? Are you a mobile Twit or a Facebonker?

It does not matter what phone you use all we need to know is if you use your mobile phone more for Facebook or more for Twitter, or maybe you use both the same amount of time.

It would be nice though to know what model and make of phone you use as well, this gives us an idea of what you are using and what is the most popular mobile device for Facebooking and Twittering.

We have put a poll together down below where you can click next to what you use most, so is it Facebook or Twitter?

[poll id=”228″]


One thought on “Facebook vs Twitter Mobile: Are you a Twit or Facebonker?”

  1. davedongo says:

    There are plenty of legitimate alternatives to Facebook which are being forgotten in developments such as this. In a current context Facebook is the dominant social networking resource, but this can change quickly as the demise of MySpace demonstrates. http://www.no1social.com lists the top ten social networking webistes based on their current Alexa ranking, I would predict that the websites currently sitting below facebook will pose a legitimate threat in the future

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