Is PowerAMP better than WinAmp for Android?

WinAmp is one of the best media players out on the market and now we have an app that could be just as good if not better, and it is called PowerAMP that is in its beta stage.

There are plenty of media apps for Android and this one seems to be very good indeed, apparently according to Android Police when it comes to the media player function nothing can touch PowerAMP.

A Russian fellow called Maxim Petrov aka Max MP developed this powerful Android media player and features stunning interface, plus fantastic support for both equalizer and preamp, it also has a very fast file scanning speed.

Main Features Include: MP3, MP4/M4A/ALAC/FLAC/OGG/WAV,TTA/WMA, Has own codecs, Tags, lyrics, Choose music from SD card, Fast scan of files ( in 1 second 1000files, depends on phone speed, Skins, 2 in beta version and a Widget, plus Preamp and EQ.

Just so you know the new PowerAMP tool is not available in the Android market but you can install/download via Android Police. Please watch the video below for more information, do you think the new PowerAMP is better than WinAMP?


4 thoughts on “Is PowerAMP better than WinAmp for Android?”

  1. pelehos says:

    As a well versed and focused audiophile I can easily say that Power Amp makes toilet paper out of any other available audio player app on the market within all the platform ranges! Way To go MAX MP!!! Absolutely stunning!

  2. stephan says:

    I prefer Music "PlayerPro" by far. The interface is much better than poweramp and way faster too. Tested poweramp and it drained my battery in no time. PlayerPro is much more complete too (pick album/artist/genre art, artist info, tag editor, sleep timer etc etc).

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