Nokia N8 Movie The Commuter Premiere Wows Audience

You may be aware that recently Nokia stepped into the movie making business with their latest flagship smartphone, the Symbian^3 toting Nokia N8, and produced a short movie called ‘The Commuter, which was shot entirely using the Nokia N8.

The Nokia N8 film The Communter stars Baywatch beauty Pamela Anderson, Charles Dance, Dev Patel and Ed Westwick and was filmed entirely in mobile HD using the Nokia N8 and made its premiere in London at an exclusive screening of the Nokia N8 movie on the 25th of this month.

Apparently The Commuter was shot by the Nokia N8 in just four days with the backdrop of the short film being the streets of St Albans and London whilst being about one commuter’s eventful journey to their place of work.

The Nokia N8 12 megapixel camera pushed the handset to its limits by shooting London’s Soho from the front of a sports car which sat millimetres from the road to filming free runners that leaped across the East end rooftops and was the first occasion Hollywood actors came together to make a movie solely shot with a mobile phone.

When making The Commuter, there were no back up camera used and everything was shot using the Nokia N8 smartphone for this huge production where two lucky winners of a competition also became past of the Nokia N8 cast.

The Commuter was directed by the McHenry brothers, one of the United Kingdom’s hottest upcoming directorial pairings. Oscar winning actor Dev Patel who plays the lead in The Commuter said…“I’m always interested in embracing new technology in film making and the main reason I really wanted to get involved with ‘The Commuter’ was because it was being shot just on mobile phones.”

Patel went on to say…“I wanted to encourage the next generation of filmmakers by showing that you don’t need expensive equipment and big budgets to make your own movies. The quality of a camera phone, like the Nokia N8 allows filmmakers to produce amazing HD movies and I hope ‘The Commuter’ shows aspirational filmmakers that you can create a great movie even using a mobile phone.”

I’m sure you are all aware of the specs of the Nokia N8 by now, but the making of The Commuter does show what can be achieved with using the Nokia N8 smartphone, and if you are one of us mere mortals that wasn’t invited to the Nokia N8 premiere of The Commuter, well you can still get to watch the seven and a half minute movie by hitting up HERE…and I have to say that after viewing the film this Nokia N8 shot movie is quite good…enjoy.

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