White iPhone 4 Gets Cancelled by Apple?

Earlier today there have been reports that Apple has yet again delayed the release of the white iPhone 4, which will no doubt make those iPhone faithful who have been waiting so long very disgruntled, but if this new rumour is true they are going to be even more upset.

According to an article over on the Boy Genius Report, by the Boy Genius himself, they have received information that says a great deal more than just a delay for the elusive pale version of the iconic iPhone.

The word is according to their previous source that Apple in their infinite wisdom have shelved any plans to release the white iPhone 4, which basically means the white iPhone 4 has been cancelled by Apple.

Now whether this source has got their facts right or not remains to be seen but if Apple has indeed cancelled the white iPhone 4 they need to make an official announcement stating the fact and not keep their loyal customers hanging on in a pointless hope.

Feel free to should out your annoyance if Apple cancel the white iPhone 4 in our comments area below.

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