Tony Bennett Lyrics Studio iPhone App Review

Are you a fan of Tony Bennett? Do you know about Tony Bennett Lyrics Studio iPhone App? Well we are here to let you know about this cool app just in case you was not aware, if you do have this app already installed it would be great of you could send in your reviews.

The Tony Bennett Lyrics Studio has many features that includes: Official authorized song lyrics and Corresponding videos as they become available on YouTube, so far so good but please read on.

It also comes with cool functions such as: Watch YouTube videos with the Tony Bennett Lyrics Studio, add songs to a list of favorites, share with friends via Facebook, e-mail and SMS, publish up to 150 characters of a lyric as your status on Facebook or Twitter, search the Tony Bennett Lyrics Studio by song names or lyrics and it also has ongoing updates of the artist’s catalog.

For more information please visit iTunes or visit your device’s App Store, please do send in your personal review if you already have this application installed.

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