Will FaceBook Mobile Event Reveal FB Phone November 3?

Would you like to see the release of a Facebook Phone? Well we are sitting here wondering if there will be a launch at the Facebook Mobile Event on November 3.

Phandroid has had an invitation to the Facebook Mobile event and like them no one knows what will be announced as it is all hush-hush at the moment, but there could be the launch of the Facebook phone surely, hopefully, let’s hope so.

Could they be talking about the launch of a fully functioning app on multiple platforms? We all know that if you mix two words in a bowl aka Mobile and Facebook they both go together like fish and water, so it would be a great announcement if the FB Phone comes to light, do not hold your breath though.

Social networking is the way to go these days and it is getting more popular and highly used day-by-day so to see a mobile handset dedicated to a social network is surely a must have.

Anyway, please do comment below if you think the Facebook Mobile Event will announce the FB Phone or not.

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