Samsung Galaxy Tab: Carphone Warehouse UK Tariffs

It is time to get on over to Carphone Warehouse and get your Samsung Galaxy Tab, we mentioned not so long a go that you could pre-order your tab and now you can officially go online and buy it.

Now available in the UK Carphone Warehouse has some tariff plans for you to peek at, before we start we visited Mashable and they say that they have varied contract deals from £99.99 and a £40 monthly plan with a two-year contract right up to £499.99 and a £10 one-month Talk Mobile plan.

Well what we see is the cheapest being £399.99 at £20 per month on a 24 month contract with talk mobile and that gets you 100 minutes Anytime Any network, 500 texts, 1 GB and a FREE Samsung Galaxy Tab Keyboard Dock.

The most expensive is £529.99 on a one-month contract with Vodafone offering 5 GB for £25 per month.

For more information please visit Carphone Warehouse and see what tickles your fancy. Please do let us know if you will be buying via CPW.

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