Secret Apple iOS Developer Conference Tomorrow: True or False

Hey Apple, are you holding a secret iOS Developer Conference this week (Tuesday 2 November)? We cannot see any official news of this as of yet but according to source it is happening.

This conference is supposed to be happening in California this week starting Tuesday and running right through to Thursday, this news comes via Business Insider who reported that they were short on details but according to one of their industry sources it should be happening.

We all know that iOS 4.2 is releasing this month of November and of course wish for developers to build iOS apps instead of Android apps, the competition is fierce and Apple wants to be top of its game so it would make sense to see a conference this week.

Now we totally understand if this is a secret and nothing is being let out of the bag because rivals will thrive on this and come up with something better, you know like poor Greenpois0n working hard only for LimeRa1n to come out of the closet first.

Business Insider does not know much about this alleged conference, who is going or what it is about. We will keep you posted on phonesreview.co.uk and report as soon as we dig up some more news.

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